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Super Photo RF (Ultima)

What is Super Photo RF?

IPL + powerful high frequency
Combined treatment.

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Super Photo RF (Ultima) is a state-of-the-art IPL + powerful radio frequency therapy. RF energy has a different selectivity than light and works independently of the distribution of melanin and blood vessels.

Therefore, heat energy can be efficiently applied to the dermis layer without being affected by the amount of melanin in the epidermis. This is considered to reduce the risk of pain and burns caused by conventional light energy, and enables treatment that is not affected by skin or hair color. At the same time, the cooling system works and there is almost no pain.

Treatment timeAbout 15 minutes
Number of treatmentsThe treatment is performed about 2-4 times between 6 and 10 weeks.
Side effectsReport does not.

Recommended treatment

  • If you are concerned about spots or freckles
  • Those who are concerned about dull skin
  • For those worried about pores
  • Those who are concerned about red face
  • For those who want to have beautiful skin
  • Those who are concerned about makeup
  • Those who are concerned about vellus hair

Super Photo RF
Skin renewal

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  • 1
    Improvement of pigment spots, whitening effect
    Exfoliation by thin stratification of skin layer
  • 2
    Improved skin firmness, fine lines, and pore enlargement
    Edema caused by inflammation of upper dermis in the short term Collagen production by activation of fibroblasts in the long term
  • 3
    Red face improvement
    Damage to dilated upper capillaries

Super Photo RF

Whereas conventional pulse light devices approach only with light,Super Photo RF (Ultima)Then, in addition to light energy, RF energy works complementarily to create a synergy effect (double action).

The effect is due to heat damage to the epidermis. Light energy damages only the epidermis including pigment spots with higher melanin density than the surroundings, and normal skin is protected by contact cooling. At this time, the RF energy works to supplement the light energy.

It is a heat damage effect on the upper dermis. Light is first absorbed by the epidermis that contains melanin, and then diffuses as it enters the skin deeper. As a result, the energy that reaches the dermis layer is attenuated.
In order to get more energy to reach the dermis, it is necessary to increase the light output. However, as the output increases, the energy absorption of the epidermis increases, which not only increases pain, but also increases the risk of burns.

With Super Photo RF (Ultima), RF energy sends heat energy to the upper layer of the dermis regardless of the amount of melanin in the epidermis, enabling safe and effective treatment with little pain. First, a pulsed light with reduced output is irradiated and absorbed by the capillaries of the dermal papilla layer, raising the temperature slightly. After that, RF gathers in the dermal papilla layer where residual heat is applied, and safely heat damage.

As a general rule, doctors perform Super Photo RF (Ultima) treatment at our hospital.

Saseka Clinic will refund the full treatment cost if it is inferior to esthetic treatments, is inferior in safety, takes a long time, or is less effective. Guarantee the most effective and safe.
In principle, specialists will irradiate at Sakae Clinic. No irradiation by nurses or unqualified persons.


Whole face 1 times 30,000 yen(Tax not included)
6 times course 162,000 yen(Tax not included)


This treatment is suitable for those who have a stain or have acne.
Also effective for senile pigment spots, sunburn spots, buckwheat, acne, and hair loss.
You can irradiate acne on your back and chest as well as your face.

Although there are individual differences, some people feel the pain of playing with rubber. Please be assured that it will be done while cooling to avoid pain.

If you are wearing makeup or are applying lotion or sunscreen, please wash your face before treatment.

Gel is applied to the eyes and lips except for the photo RF.

When irradiating, it covers the eyes and cools so that there is no pain.

After treatment, we will apply an effective vitamin C derivative lotion for spots and acne. It is also possible to apply makeup immediately after treatment.

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