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Fractional laser

Treatment of acne scars and scars is subject to medical expenses deduction.

What is a fractional laser?

On new skin
Replacement treatment

Fractional Resurfacing means that 1 times of laser irradiation activates skin collagen by irradiating 100 to 1000 micro units or more per 1 square meter, activating skin.Treatment to replace with new skinis. It is attracting attention as an innovative laser system that improves acne scars, sagging, and pore opening.

Carbon dioxide laser can revitalize the skin to improve acne scars, sagging, and pore opening, but it was risky and associated with pain and side effects, requiring long-term treatment and downtime.

Fractional Resurfacing is a laser system that plays a fundamental role in the medical care that can replace skin with new laser, remove wrinkles and spots, and achieve whitening effect.

Fractional Resurfacing is a safe but progressive laser that stimulates acne scars and skin damaged by aging and UV rays. To date, skin regeneration lasers are classified as “laser that peels off the skin” and “laser that does not peel off the skin”, but both have merits and demerits. Lasers that exfoliate (stretch) the skin strongly promote skin activity, but with long-term treatment and downtime.

However, Fractional Resurfacing is a charm that brings out a more reliable effect by treating the skin by exchanging the skin and prompting the regeneration of collagen by irradiating the skin more than 1000 micro units per cm2 without peeling the skin. It is expected as an effective treatment. This laser is effective for a wide range of skin treatments.

Fractional Resurfacing is a new concept that allows skin to be reborn in a short time and can treat acne scars, spots, pores and wrinkles. Not only the treatment period and recovery period are short, but also you can expect fast recovery speed and skin improvement effect. Even the first treatment can feel a sufficient effect, and even after the treatment, it can be used in all daily life including makeup.
Fractional laser system SELLAS
Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
Number of treatmentsTreatment is 4-6 times at 10 weekly intervals.
Side effectsReport does not.

Recommended treatment

  • If you have trouble with the concave acne scars
  • Those who want to make scars and surgical scars inconspicuous
  • If you are concerned about the opening of pores
  • Person who wants to erase pregnancy line (linear contraction)

Pore ​​and skin treatment

Rabian BB laser

Renew your skin and make it smooth

Fractional laser
The effect of treatment

Growth factor introduction + fractional laser irradiation

Conventional fractional lasers such as Fraxel and Bridge Therapy (Uncore) were mainly treated with laser alone, but we introduced growth factors, various vitamins, and antioxidants at our hospital. Effective treatment with less downtime has been realized without relying on laser-only invasion.
It is a treatment that arranges the shortcomings and downtime of bridge therapy.
It is not common sense to advance scab formation from the theory of wound treatment.

Treatment with fractional lasers alone is risky and is not recommended for long periods of pain or redness.
Growth factor introduction + fractional laser irradiationIs now considered the most effective and standard therapy.

Verification of growth factor effect during irradiation with fraxel

Verification of growth factor effect during irradiation with fraxel

This is a case in which growth factor is applied or not after irradiation of fraxel.
* When growth factor is applied, redness and pain on the cheeks are reduced.

Although some clinics treat scab formation as a matter of course, scab formation is a condition that interferes with wound healing and is never acceptable, as is the treatment for scratches.

In Bridge Therapy, a relatively large and prominent scab remains for about 5 days, and redness lasts for about 1 to 3 weeks. However, it is impossible for scabs to remain for 5 days.
In other words, there are not a few cases where indifferent doctors are involved in the theory of wound treatment among medical institutions that conduct bridge therapy.

In some clinics, there are facilities that are irradiated by nurses, not doctors, and there are many problems.
Leaving the scab as much as possible greatly reduces pain, reduces redness at an early stage, and shortens downtime.
Because it is a bridge therapy, the idea that redness and scab are commonplace is dangerous.
It is the specialist's job to reduce downtime and control skin damage in a short time.

This hospital is a medical institution that specializes in wound treatment, and provides treatment with a new treatment method and care system that compensates for the shortcomings of bridge therapy.


Partial 45,000 yen(Tax not included)
Whole face
6 times course
648,000 yen(Tax not included)
Whole face
10 times course
960,000 yen(Tax not included)

* When using anesthetic cream, 1 yen (excluding tax) will be added per 2,000 times.
The growth factor introduction course is 1 yen (excluding tax) per 20,000 times. (Whole face)
Treatments such as scars and pregnancy lines are available upon request according to your budget. The initial examination fee for wound scars is 10,000 yen (excluding tax).

Risk, side effects, complications

Fractional laser is a treatment that promotes skin remodeling from the epidermis to the dermis with the thermal energy of the laser. As the heat energy from the laser is applied to the skin, redness appears depending on the intensity of the energy.

In the case of beautiful skin treatment, redness appears on the day only, and in the case of acne scar treatment, redness that is tanned about 3-4 days. There is no swelling. The tingling pain may appear for 3 hours after the procedure.
Pain will not continue until the next day.
Skin roughness and makeup may worsen from around day 3.

The treatment of acne scars may result in the appearance of fine scabs in the crater area.
For women with occult melasma, melasma may worsen temporarily after fractional laser irradiation.

When treating patients with blemishes, it is necessary to use a combination therapy with internal medicines and external medicines so that pigmentation and liver spots do not appear or worsen.
There are no reports of major troubles or side effects, but some medical facilities have reported cases of severe burns caused by nurses rather than doctors. Care must be taken to ensure that the specialist is in charge.

If growth factors are introduced immediately after the treatment, the pain will be greatly reduced and the effect will increase.
Post-operative care and solid cooling are not only effective, but also important for improving safety.

Pore ​​and skin treatment

Rabian BB laser

Renew your skin and make it smooth


A treatment that activates collagen in the skin by irradiating countless fine laser lights, promotes skin regeneration, and replaces it with new skin.

The irradiation time is about 5 minutes.
However, it takes about 45 hours to apply anesthetic cream before irradiation and leave it for about 5 minutes, or to introduce growth factors after irradiation for about 1 minutes.

Anesthetic cream is applied to the irradiated area to reduce pain.
In addition, the pain is reduced to the limit using a care system that can be cooled at -20 ° C even during irradiation.
From 2 to 3 days, reddish sunburn will appear, but you can make up from the next day so you can cover it.
There are about 2 days after the redness of 3-5 days. Since the skin has been reborn from the place where the hole was made with the laser, you will have enough moisturizing at home. After that, you can feel the smoothness and tension.

You will be sent to the hospital at a rate of 1 months.

By irradiating it as a replacement of the skin, there are effects such as an anti-aging effect, an improvement in talmi, a fine texture, and a more beautiful skin.

You can feel a considerable effect even with 1 irradiation.
We recommend the 10 course for those who want to realize a higher effect or who want to change their skin.

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