Online counseling provisional application

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Online counseling provisional application
Online counseling
What is online counseling
What is online counselingA system that allows you to receive counseling face-to-face with a doctor even when you are outside the clinic using a video call..

At Sakae Clinic, we offer online counseling using Zoom for those who wish to directly consult a doctor regarding their symptoms.
Online counseling procedure
The counseling procedure is as follows.
  • ① Please prepare a smartphone, tablet device, or computer with a camera.
  • ② Please make sure that the "Zoom" app is installed on the above device.
  • ③ Counseling will be conducted via video call using “Zoom”.
If ZOOM is not installed, click the download button at the bottom of the address below.
Please install it.
Procedures for applying for online counseling
Online counseling
Application procedure
  • ① Check available dates and times on the provisional application calendar and apply.
  • ② After completing the provisional application via email, a Sakae Clinic representative will contact you via email or phone to confirm the date and time and provide information about the treatment details.
    We will contact you.
  • ③ We will send you a confirmation email for your provisional application.Please access the address provided in the email and make your payment online.
Counseling is 10 minutes for beauty related treatment items and costs ¥3,000 (¥3,300).
Medical treatment related to sexually transmitted diseases takes 10 minutes and costs ¥10,000 (¥11,000).
If you receive treatment for a sexually transmitted disease, the amount will be applied to the initial consultation fee (¥11,000).
Payment can only be made online by credit card.
Still moreRegarding beauty counselingWe will give you a 5% discount when you visit our clinic.
Temporary application is for treatmentWhen you contact about the cancellation the day beforeUp toApplications cannot be made on the day of the event.
Online counseling consultation hours
Online counseling
Consultation time
●Morning consultation Mon-Sun (Closed on Wednesday) 10:00 – 14:00
● Afternoon consultation Mon-Sun (Closed on Wednesday) 15:00 – 19:00
*Closed days other than regular holidays are as shown on the calendar.
*Online counseling is conducted by the director.
* Online counseling clinic hours are subject to change at any time.
*Please check the time on the calendar when making a provisional application.
Please note that we do not offer online counseling for insurance treatment or piercing.
Please click on the date in the white background to apply.

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*Applications cannot be accepted for the time slots displayed in red on the provisional application calendar.

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