Reading Time: <1 minuteA press release was issued on January 2024, 1. General incorporated association Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal MedicineEstablished!! ~ Truly effective, safe and secure For the establishment and spread of complete aesthetic medicine A lecture commemorating the establishment of the society will be held! Directors and consultant doctors who are active on the front lines in the fields of beauty, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine will be held. The theme of ``Why cosmetic medicine now?'' is the current problem and future of cosmetic medicine.  Special program Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine ●Notice of establishment of “Japan Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine” The field of cosmetic internal medicine has the role of supplementing and supporting the conventional cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. While medically clear, it is a truly The Japan Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine (General Incorporated Association) (located in Tokyo) aims to establish and popularize effective and safe cosmetic internal medicine. Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Akira Aoki) We would like to inform you that we have been launched and established on October 2023, 10. Background of establishment In this field, where there is still little evidence, there are They are used at the discretion of doctors with uncertain safety. There is an inherent problem of The current situation is that. We will hold academic discussions centering on doctors who are active in various specialized fields. All members of the society actively engage in truly effective and safe cosmetic medicine. It was established with the purpose of building and disseminating it.