Reading Time: <1 minute Recently, there was a report about a problem with a treatment at a beauty clinic.There are some mistakes in this content, so I would like to share my personal opinion.There are articles in the news about troubles with lasers, but in reality, there is almost no laser treatment for wrinkles or sagging, so it is expected that it is a treatment using electrical energy using high frequency.The word "high frequency" is mentioned in the text, but if it is high frequency, it is not a system like Thermage, which generates heat energy from a single pole terminal to generate collagen in the dermis and treat sagging and wrinkles. I think so.However, currently, the main system for treatment of wrinkles and sagging in the neck is called HIFU.It is a treatment method that focuses ultrasonic waves with high density and generates heat to induce protein degeneration in the dermis and fascia and lift them up. .Isn't this a problem caused by HIFU on the internet?There are many references to this, and the truth is still unknown.Although it says that it is the use of unapproved equipment, it is illegal to use unapproved equipment for beauty treatment.In fact, in Japan, much of the beauty treatment in Japan involves the use of unapproved equipment, and if unapproved beauty treatment equipment were made illegal, it would be impossible to run a beauty clinic or perform beauty treatment.The current state of cosmetic medicine in Japan is that doctors are personally responsible for importing unapproved cosmetic medical equipment from overseas to perform treatments.I am concerned about the content of the report giving the impression that the use of unapproved equipment is at fault, or that the use of unapproved equipment led to a police raid.What is the problem with this case? XNUMX. The nurse performed the procedure. XNUMX. Instructions to the nurse and post-surgery checks were not conducted properly, and even if the procedure was performed under the supervision of a doctor, it was insufficient.It is unusual for the police to raid a medical institution for cases other than a fatal medical accident, and there have been reports of damage from patients and criminal complaints submitted to the police along with medical certificates and other concrete evidence. It is assumed.Alternatively, it is assumed that there are other similar victims and there are multiple similar cases, or that the medical institution's response to the current patient was extremely inappropriate.In any case, I don't think this problem is limited to medical institutions that have had their homes searched.At our hospital, we also receive a considerable number of consultations from patients who have suffered burns after receiving laser irradiation or HIFU irradiation at other clinics, which should normally be performed by a doctor.If there is even the slightest risk in any treatment, a doctor should always perform the treatment, and she believes that import agents and manufacturers should not sell beauty medical equipment on the assumption that a nurse will perform the treatment.I would like to pay close attention to the facts of this incident so that more people can receive aesthetic medicine, which has many gray areas, with greater social peace of mind.At our clinic, since we opened, I, as the director, have been responsible for all treatments, and I have always performed them from beginning to end.