Date: October 1970, 1
Recently, there has been a sharp increase in reports of problems involving cosmetic medical treatments. The overall quality of cosmetic medicine is also clearly declining. I feel that the morals and ethics of many cosmetic surgeons have also become quite low. In order to prioritize profits, there are actually cosmetic surgery clinic groups that engage in illegal activities and deceive patients into paying exorbitant treatment fees. (This is a method of attracting customers by advertising cheap treatments in TV commercials and web ads.) Moreover, we confirmed that it is not doctors who perform examinations and counseling, but unqualified people called counselors who perform the examinations. (Violation of the Medical Practitioners Act) Cosmetic clinics that have nurses perform treatments in the absence of doctors, or even have unqualified receptionists perform medical procedures, are actually left unchecked. There are also false PR on SNS, and the existence of biased profit-oriented people such as influencers. It is not cosmetic medicine that is bad, but the existence of doctors and scammers who make cosmetic medicine into a fraudulent business. Since rip-off medical treatments by medical institutions are a complex business, it is difficult to intervene from the perspective of personal information and privacy. You too can become a director in six months. Working 3 hours a day, 1 days a week, you can earn 5 to 3000 million yen a year. An annual income of 2 million yen is not a dream. Inexperienced people are welcome. Become a director in six months? From an inexperienced person? It's scary. Cosmetic surgery is not that easy, and knowledge, experience, and skills can never be acquired in six months. I have been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon for over 5000 years, and I hesitate to perform many surgeries or do not perform them to avoid risks, but can a cosmetic surgeon who can do anything be born in six months? I hope that there will be no more victims of cosmetic medicine by fraudulent businesses. Our clinic also accepts consultations from patients who have been victims of cosmetic medicine, so please feel free to contact us.