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Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

The wounds introduced on this HP mainly mean skin trauma

Scenes that do not require disinfection. There are so many.

Rather, if you have general skin trauma that requires disinfection, please let me know.

At least not my experience.

We believe that disinfecting is not meaningful for suture wounds.

Even if you suspect that you have diabetes or decreased immunity, you should carefully examine the wound for infection and consider the administration of antibiotics, disinfecting for the purpose of sterilizing bacteria, and disinfecting for the purpose of reducing the recent amount You should refrain from doing this.

If a disinfectant is developed that does not cause tissue damage to the wound, but rather promotes wound healing to the wound, disinfection is not necessary, but currently used disinfectants can promote wound healing or disinfect I can't imagine a formulation that doesn't have to worry about the harm caused by drugs.

The act of disinfecting the wound directly should take into account increasing pain.

It is not a treatment for immunocompromised patients, severe burns, widespread pollution wounds, or widespread necrotic tissue wounds.

He argues that the treatment of skin injuries often encountered in daily life has been disinfection and gauze all around.

Of course, there will be medical treatment when disinfecting, and it is a problem that there is no reliable indicator on site when disinfecting.

Opinions may be divided as to when to use gauze, but if it is a fresh skin wound or if there is another dressing or alternative to the dressing (such as a wrap), at least first priority will be given directly I think that it is a problem to stick.

So how do you control bleeding? However, in this regard, gauze does not mean that it is unnecessary in any scene, as long as the wrap is applied directly to the wound and then gauze is applied.

In particular, we believe that gauze should not be applied directly to skin trauma, even though there is an effective covering material in the medical field.

If there is any objection or criticism of this opinion, please let me know.

If you can tell the grounds and theory, you can study.

Except for special cases, gauze and disinfection are considered to be unnecessary, and medical care is now recognized as common sense in medicine.

I myself still have a lot to study, and every day I read related papers and repeat trial and error in daily wound care practice.

I'm not saying that this HP is the standard for wound treatment, but I'd be happy if it would serve as information on skin trauma care in daily life, wound care at sports sites, and general skin trauma treatment at clinics. think.

Please contact us for treatment of scars such as injury and surgery.

Doctor Introduction

Doctor of Medicine Nobuhiro Suetake

Nobuhiro Suetake

Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

Sakae Clinic 院長
Vice President of Advanced Medical Sports Academy
Certified specialist of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
Top Athlete Co., Ltd.CEO

Protect children and athletes from wrong medicine! In our hospital, we are striving to spread new wound care as a volunteer.

I have lived with 2 people with my dead mother who suffered from severely disabled people. I would like to continue activities that provide healing for people with disabilities, children who suffer from disabilities, and those who suffer from illness as long as their lives last. What you can do as a volunteer with a little effort. I want to start little by little.
● Showa 62 year 3 month Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
I try to improve the physical ability of professional athletes including Japan's Olympic athletes and main baseball players.
As a professional boxing trainer (Certified by JBC), he teaches and ranks the world rankers and develops world champions. President of the 88 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society
● Specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery 219
Former board member of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery
Players belonging to 2004 years Participated in Athens Olympics Sakae Clinic Track Club (Track and Field Club)general manager
● Professional boxing trainer (JBC certified No.31532)
Professional baseball player Medical trainer
Various professional fighters exclusive trainers

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