June 28, 2011

High concentration vitamin C drip

Reading Time: <1 minute We administered a high-concentration vitamin C drip to a patient who came to us through a referral.I was given an intravenous drip to reduce side effects as much as possible before undergoing chemotherapy for a malignant tumor.In the past, my father-in-law personally imported it and used it 10 years ago as an alternative treatment for his lung cancer.Currently, it is used for the purpose of rejuvenation.Recently, the evidence has been established, and it may be evaluated as an excellent treatment method.I hope that anti-cancer treatments with no side effects will become more widespread.For anti-cancer treatment, he received 50 to 100 grams; for anti-aging treatment, he received 12.5 to 25 grams, which took 1 to 3 hours, and caused some vascular pain.Unexpectedly, his risk was Almost none.Click here for more information about high-concentration vitamin C drip https://www.sakae-clinic.com/aging-care/vc/    

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