June 19, 2022

Nagoya Grampus former top coach & lung activity

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Yesterday, Mr. Toshihisa Iijima, the right-hand man of Coach Stojkovic and former Nagoya Grampus top team coach, who has been active as a J Leaguer for the first time in a while, visited the clinic and talked about lung activity, athletes' second careers, and training.
When I was an active coach at Nagoya Grampus, I brought Soji Taguchi, who had been selected for the Japan national team, to the clinic and, since he was a talented player, I was entrusted with training and guidance to help him improve his physical strength.Taguchi rapidly improved his physique through autonomic nerve training in which he stopped all stretching, and he became a regular player, had great success, and was named to the Japanese national team.
Coach Iijima's ability to identify talent has been remarkable ever since then, and last year he coached Chubu Daiichi High School and led them to victory in the Aichi National High School Soccer Tournament.
Currently, he is busy running a cafe with his wife, a former tour professional golfer who has won tour championships, as well as working as a commentator, running a private gym, and founding a club team.
The student requested to receive instruction on lung activation, and we had a great time having lunch together with a soccer player who trains athletes.
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