June 08, 2024

Risks and effectiveness of armpit surgery covered by insurance

Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, there has been a sudden increase in the number of patients who have had underarm surgery covered by insurance, but have left ugly scars or had no effect, so they are coming back for re-treatment. Underarm surgery is possible even if it is covered by insurance, but you should be careful as there are some clinics that perform very questionable surgeries. Be especially careful about clinics that advertise underarm surgery as covered by insurance. There are problematic clinics that advertise that ``armpit surgery is covered by insurance'' just to attract customers! Underarm surgery covered by insurance: In the Reiwa era, I am cautious... The reason is 1: They attract patients with insurance, and then upsell the procedures in the hospital, telling them that they will leave scars and have poor results, forcing them to pay for the treatment at their own expense. There are clinics that do that. 2: Underarm surgery performed on an outpatient basis is difficult to immobilize the affected area and is impossible to exfoliate over a wide area, making it extremely ineffective. 3: Due to insurance, there is little consideration given to scars, and many patients suffer from ugly scars after surgery. 4: His armpit surgery, which is a treatment from the Showa era, is a problem in the Reiwa era. There is a high risk of various complications occurring postoperatively. 5: There are many cases where the skill of the doctor is low. (Doctors with specialized knowledge and experience often do not recommend underarm surgery as a medical treatment covered by insurance, which is highly risky and less effective.) As a cosmetic surgeon, I have performed over 1,500 cases of underarm surgery. However, I do not think that this is the treatment method that should be used now in the Reiwa era. In the Showa and Heisei eras, surgery was established as the main treatment, so it was natural that it would be performed, but now that non-invasive treatments are available, people can undergo surgery because it is cheap and covered by insurance, and it is not effective and leaves many scars and various other symptoms. Many patients suffer from serious complications (skin necrosis, scar contracture, atheroma...). I believe that in my career as a cosmetic surgeon over the past 30 years, I have performed the most underarm surgeries in the Tokai area. However, if surgery is the only option, surgical treatment is unavoidable, but now there are highly effective treatments such as the EL method that have no downtime and no complications. It's best to think carefully. Postoperative immobilization is more difficult than patients imagine. Postoperative complications are more common than patients might imagine. This is because insurance covers treatments for malignant tumors, etc., which are the standard treatments, and the most scientifically effective treatments with established evidence are covered by insurance, so treatments covered by insurance should be prioritized. However, armpit surgery is completely different. I would like patients who are considering armpit surgery to think about whether surgery covered by insurance is really safe, effective, and suitable for them.

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