June 17, 2024

The 1st General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe are currently discussing with directors the specific progress and content of the presentations to be held at the 1st General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine on December 1, 2024. https://jaim2023.com/ I, a director, will also be giving a talk. I plan to give a talk on the potential of vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which is attracting attention for its world-class evidence as a next-generation anti-aging method and healthcare method that differs from conventional anti-aging treatments such as nutrition, infusions, supplements, peptides, regenerative medicine, exosome therapy, stem cell culture supernatant therapy, etc. *My art, Nobu Suetake, was used for the flyer and poster design.  
June 16, 2024

Lecture on Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy

Reading Time: <1 minuteHands-on Workshop – Celista Co., Ltd. / Wellness Breeze (well-
■Program19:00 Organizer's opening remarks / Seisho Ito CEO and customer satisfaction officer, Celista Co., Ltd.19:15 "The great potential of next-generation healthcare and treatment [vagus nerve stimulation therapy, PBM]" Dr. Nobuhiro Suetake Director, Sakae Clinic Part-time lecturer, Juntendo University School of Medicine, Department of Hospital Management President, Human Techno Co., Ltd. Vice-president, Advanced Medical Science Wellness Academy After the lecture, participants will have the opportunity to try out the products (Vagal Healer, Vielight Vagus&Duo) 20:30 Scheduled to end  
■Workshop Overview 1. Name: Wellness Breeze Hands On WORKSHOP 2. Target audience: Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical professionals, researchers *Limited to medical professionals; the general public is not permitted to attend. 3. Venue: TKP Tokyo Station Conference Center, Conference Room 11B 4. Participation Fee: Free *Light meals and special benefits for participants included 5. Capacity: 30 people 6. Planned and Organized by: Celista Co., Ltd. *There is a possibility that the event will be covered by television. Thank you for your understanding.
■ VenueDetails

Wednesday, August 8, 21:19-00:20 Tokyo

  Crime sceneTokyo Station Conference Center Conference Room 11B
June 12, 2024

Cutting-edge technology talk!

Reading Time: <1 minuteHands-on Workshop – Celista Co., Ltd. / Wellness Breeze (well-br.jp), a health information site for doctors, dentists, and medical professionals The vagus nerve, which is the human operating system, is the most important nerve in maintaining life. Recent research has proven that the vagus nerve is involved in all diseases and all types of healthcare. It has been found that the aftereffects of COVID-19 infection are also mainly caused by vagus nerve disorders. In other words, activating the vagus nerve not only improves all diseases, but also improves physical performance and is attracting attention in the fields of sports and education. A device that activates the vagus nerve, the human operating system, has been recommended in collaboration with medicine and engineering, and will soon be released. It has been decided that I will give a lecture prior to the release. I will be interviewed by a television reporter on the day. Next-generation healthcare: Vagus nerve stimulation therapy This device will certainly change the concept and direction of healthcare to a great extent. It will be the culmination of 25 years of research into the autonomic nervous system.




June 27, 2024

Human Techno Co., Ltd.

Reading Time: <1 minuteLast year, I started my own business, Human Techno Co., Ltd.Human Techno Co., Ltd. (human-techno.jp) is the culmination of my more than 25 years as a researcher, and the human operating system, the autonomic nervous system, is particularly attracting attention from all over the world. We are a corporation that conducts business related to updating the vagus nerve, that is, next-generation healthcare business. Microsoft is a personal computer OS Human Techno Co., Ltd. is a human OS aimed at his Microsoft in the healthcare field. The vagus nerve activation business will be useful not only in healthcare, but also in all fields involving humans, including femtech, sports, mental health, eSports, nursing care, and education. If we can activate the vagus nerve, which has a huge impact on not only our physical abilities but also our minds, there are endless business possibilities. Up until now, the importance of the vagus nerve has been little understood and has not received much attention, but a paper published in The Lancet last year found that vagus nerve damage is the main cause of the after-effects of the new coronavirus, and it caused a huge shock and reaction all over the world! The vagus nerve market is attracting a lot of attention! Nowadays, neuromodulation is commonplace in healthcare in countries other than Japan.


Since 2020, the number of papers has increased exponentially, and the vagus nerve stimulation market has become lively. At the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Medicine, of which I serve as a director, vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which is a form of neuromodulation, is attracting attention. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and medicine. We will utilize the experience of cosmetic surgeons and autonomic nervous system researchers to realize healthcare that has social significance. Evidence-based healthcare is a matter of course, but it is essential for next-generation healthcare.      
June 26, 2024

Care for Japanese World Relay athletes

Reading Time: <1 minute
Bahamas vying for a spot at the Paris Olympics🇧🇸Kaito Kawabata, who will be representing Japan in the World Relays, visited the clinic for pre-game preparation.
Activation of vagus nerve function by hydrogen therapy, LLLT (PBM) using semiconductor laser, and Vagal Treatment.
You can race in your best condition.
Japan in the top 14🇯🇵You can qualify to participate in the team.
Mile relay team from Japan🇯🇵It will become the strongest member in history, and it will be an event with high hopes for a medal at the Paris Olympics.
We look forward to Kawabata's success.
June 03, 2024

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy Mimicare and exosome therapy comparison

Reading Time: <1 minute Exosome drip therapy has a high possibility of effectiveness, but there is currently no evidence. Many reagents are sold and administered through infusions at various medical institutions, but these are experimental treatments without confirming their effectiveness, examining their contents, or creating protocols. Just because the reagent is administered under the responsibility of the doctor does not guarantee safety or effectiveness. There are some cosmetic surgery clinics that are profit-driven and try to attract patients with flashy advertising, but I don't think the doctors administering the drugs have any specialized knowledge. It is still moral and common sense for doctors to administer drugs carefully. There are risks as the possibility of promoting carcinogenesis and oxidation of the body due to the administration of inflammatory cytokines cannot be completely ruled out. Exactly the same effect can be achieved with vagus nerve stimulation therapy. Unlike exosome infusion, this is an extremely important treatment method that has no risks, is simple, inexpensive, and has evidence, and is being used all over the world. There are many papers, and the possibility and effectiveness are autism depression Improvement of paralysis after cerebral infarction dementia Improved concentration parkinson's disease rheumatoid arthritis chronic fatigue syndrome crohn's disease Aftereffects of new coronavirus infection It is expected to be effective for all kinds of diseases. Medical institutions do not use it as a treatment because it is not profitable, but it is already popular as neuromodulation around the world. Our hospital is working with multiple companies to develop these techniques and devices.
June 02, 2024

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy Mimicare

Reading Time: <1 minuteAt our hospital, we are the onlyVagus nerve stimulation therapyで mimi care(auricular stimulation therapy). This year, we will be implementing his MimiCare, which is vagus nerve stimulation therapy, in full swing into our medical practice. There is evidence that the therapist performs various physical stimulations on the vagus nerve area in the auricle, which stimulates the vagus nerve, has an anti-inflammatory effect, increases brain plasticity, improves immunity, and improves autonomic nerve function. His health care method is excellent. Overseas, he is already known as TVNS and many devices are also sold. It can be said to be a superior care method because it is more effective than the exosome drip, which is currently a hot topic, and above all, there is evidence, there is no risk, and it is inexpensive. We will introduce Mimicare, a vagus nerve stimulation therapy, from time to time.    
June 20, 2023

ALBA [Lung Life] Special Feature

Reading Time: <1 minuteOn December XNUMXth, a special feature on [Lung Life] was published in the golf magazine ALBA and I explained it. Many top golfers, including top prize-winning tour pros, have been using the Lung-Kit technique that I developed in their training, and are seeing remarkable results. Of course, not only in the golf world, but also in the sports world, education, stress care, and femtech. [Lung Life] has also been introduced in support facilities for children with developmental disabilities, and has achieved remarkable results such as improving children's concentration, controlling emotions, and suppressing hyperactivity. [Lung Life] is a vagus nerve stimulation therapy. [Lung life] activates the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve activation is the next generation health method!
June 15, 2023

[Lung life] color special feature in golf magazine ALBA

Reading Time: <1 minuteCurrently, in the Department of Hospital Management at Juntendo University School of Medicine, we are conducting research on the human software of the autonomic and vagus nerves with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi.Lung activity, which activates the vagus nerve, has been a hot topic recently.It is becoming popular in many healthcare fields, and it has been confirmed that remarkable results have been obtained in the golf world as well, dramatically improving the performance of golfers. [Lung life] stimulates and activates not only the respiratory function but also the vagus nerve, which is the most important nerve in humans.By taking deep breaths along with exercise, your heart rate will fluctuate and your vagus nerve will be activated.Not only does it improve the movement of his ribcage, but it also increases the amount of ventilation he takes in each time, which increases the amount of oxygen he takes in and helps improve blood flow.It can be expected in the health field, but it is also so effective that it will dramatically change the training, conditioning, and care methods of athletes.I am confident that lung activity will definitely change the world of sports.Evidence-based health methods, training, care, and conditioning are now in demand. [Lung Life], developed by a team of specialists at a university medical school, can be said to be a next-generation health and training method that matches the times.Please pay attention. ALBA also introduces specific exercises for XNUMX steps.Please take a look!
June 14, 2023

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy vs. exosome therapy

Reading Time: <1 minuteexosome therapyis a treatment with great potential, but unfortunately there is no evidence at this point.Safety has not even been confirmed.At each medical institution, it is administered as a reagent through an intravenous drip, etc., at the responsibility of the doctor.This is what is called a human experiment.Reagents are not standardized and there are large differences in quality. Vagus nerve stimulation therapyIt cannot be said that it is superior in all aspects compared to.Vagus nerve stimulation therapy controls endogenous cytokines.Reduces inflammatory cytokines and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines.If used together, it could be amazing.Vagus nerve stimulation therapy is attracting more and more attention than exosome therapy as a next-generation healthcare.  

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