June 19, 2024

Exosome therapy is more dangerous than doping! ?

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Exosome therapy has recently become a hot topic in the beauty medicine and regenerative medicine fields.
Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence or logic at this point.
Even the definition is vague, and many of the ``exosome therapies'' that are widely practiced at beauty clinics are gray zone treatments.
Neither the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine nor the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine recommends ``exosome therapy.''
``Easy administration in clinics is being viewed as a problem worldwide.
(From the paper)
As a result, multiple businesses and private clinics have now started to exploit this situation and are offering
secretome-based interventions despite the lack of supporting data. This poses significant risks for the
patients and could lead to a credibility crisis in the field.
→Easy use in clinics, etc. is a big risk, and the credibility of this field will be lost.
We conclude that such business activity requires tight regulations and monitoring by the respective national
regulatory bodies to prevent patients from being conned and more importantly from being put at risk.
→Such business activities are subject to strict regulations by national regulatory bodies to prevent patients from being deceived or, more importantly, from exposing themselves to risks.
Regulation and monitoring are needed. ”
It seems that there are many cases where beauty clinics operate on their own by relying on the sales talk of vendors.
I even saw something incredible where a famous athlete posted on social media that he had received an exosome infusion at a clinic.
[The Miracle of Exosomes: Athletes should hit exosomes! ! ]
I found this outrageous PR on a beauty clinic's website.
If you are a sensible doctor or medical institution, [The Darkness of Exosomes: Athletes should never receive exosomes!] ! ]
Isn't it? Do you know about doping and WADA? The website is a clinic that lists the names of famous plastic surgeons, but it is also a big problem in terms of ethics in sports medicine.
I hope that the promising exosome therapy will not be tainted by the outrages of some doctors who prioritize profit.
The text on this site is unacceptable PR that further deteriorates the image of aesthetic medicine. (If the doctor at this clinic sees my blog, please feel free to submit any complaints.)
Athletes should never receive exosome therapy because of problems beyond doping. I doubt that there are any doctors who recommend this to athletes. . The act of injecting athletes with non-standardized reagents whose ingredients and effects are unknown, no protocols exist, and whose safety has not been established is an incredible act. From the standpoint of teaching sports medicine at universities, it is a complete no-no.
Although it is treated clinically with the same meaning and effectiveness as stem cell culture supernatant therapy, there are no clear standards for the difference, and there are no standardized reagents. Of course, problems have also occurred due to administration of drugs that are not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
It has been reported that a major cosmetic surgery clinic has been conducting a secret exosome treatment on lung cancer patients, causing the condition to worsen, leading to administrative guidance that has led to an investigation.
It seems that the exosome business has been established under the name of beauty medicine and regenerative medicine.
I would like to recommend ``vagus nerve stimulation therapy,'' which has exactly the same effect as this exosome therapy, has evidence that is being established worldwide, has clear logic, and is safe.
Activating the vagus nerve and stimulating the auricles can be safely recommended to athletes, and of course they are not doping.
It is a technology and theory that can be applied not only to the healthcare and medical fields, but also to a wide range of fields such as sports, education, and nursing care.
Our company also focuses on the field of sports and supports athletes.
Our experiments and results have proven that by updating an athlete's body's OS, physical performance can be improved in a short period of time without risk, and it can also help recover from fatigue and prevent injuries.
The competition for Japan's representatives is heating up as the selection process for the Paris Olympics has already begun, but the secret weapon is Vagal Treatment (lung vitality, ear care).
Kaito Kawabata, a member of Japan's short-distance track and field team at the Tokyo Olympics, who has already achieved amazing results and where time determines all wins and losses (2021 Japan Track and Field Championship winner, 4x400m relay Japanese record, Asian record holder) It is hoped that the training and introduction of this system will be successful at the Paris Olympics.
Auricular stimulation activates the vagus nerve and stimulates the brain → brain activity.
It has been shown to improve concentration in athletes. By increasing your concentration, you will be able to react better and have a positive impact on your competition results. He can create a state where he is in the zone.
Calmness Maintaining calmness even under stress is essential for best performance.

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