June 21, 2011

Laser toning

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Consultations on women's specific spots called melasma are increasing.
Until recently, the only treatments available were oral and topical medications.a few years ago Laser toningTechnology was developed Technology to irradiate YAG laser light flat on the skinNow it is possible to treat melasma. It ’s groundbreaking.Why is this system? Although not very popular, the effect is enormous.It is a treatment with great peeling effect due to transpiration of keratin by YAG laser.
Nowadays, chemical peels, which are very ineffective, are no longer used.The reason for this is that the effects obtained are very small compared to the pain and damage to the skin.I have also been undergoing chemical peels for the past 15 years, but stopped doing so about 5 years ago.At that time, laser equipment was still in its infancy, and chemical peeling had great significance, but as medicine and medical equipment progressed, it became an outdated medical practice.It's similar to the rapid advancement of mobile phones and the disappearance of public telephones.

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