June 05, 2024

Mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic requesting mole removal. What moles are easy to remove? Many people think that flat moles are easier to remove, but in most cases raised moles are easier to remove with less noticeable scarring. For flat moles, the pigment may be located deep in the dermis, so it may not be possible to completely remove it in one treatment. Unless excision is performed, we cannot guarantee that the pigment in the mole will disappear. Raised moles can be completely disappeared by ablating the mole tissue itself using the Surgitron high-frequency treatment device, and there is almost no chance of recurrence. The skin above the lips and around the eyelids is prone to movement, so it is not uncommon for the scars to swell up and become hypertrophic scars after surgery. At our clinic, we do not recommend removing moles on the sternum or shoulders, as the scars often become more noticeable. The raised mole on the nose has a cartilage base, making the scar less noticeable and easier to remove. If you would like mole removal or wart removal, please feel free to contact us as all treatments are available. At our hospital, pathological examinations are also available, and in the case of moles on the body, we can diagnose whether they are malignant or benign using a dermascope and, in principle, remove them under insurance coverage. A mole is a benign tumor called a pigmented nevus, and if it is removed, it is assumed that medical expenses can be deducted. Please feel free to contact us.
June 22, 2023

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid injection

Reading Time: <1 minuteHyaluronic acid injection is an effective treatment that can definitely improve wrinkles naturally. There are three types of wrinkles. Treatments are different for each type of wrinkle. ​ XNUMX: Expression wrinkles XNUMX: Wrinkles in the groove XNUMX: Wrinkles due to sagging There are roughly three types of wrinkles. XNUMX. Expression wrinkles can be effectively treated with Botox injections. His hyaluronic acid injections are effective for wrinkles in the grooves. XNUMX: For wrinkles caused by sagging, his HIFU treatment called Ultraformer is effective. Recently, more and more dermatology and dental facilities are offering hyaluronic acid injections. Vendors also hold injection seminars, but many doctors believe that injections are easier than surgery. However, it is impossible to master the technique of injecting the appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid into the targeted layer of the skin based on a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, just by practicing on dozens of cases. It requires many years of experience, intuition, and manual skill. I have provided guidance to many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, but there are only a few who can master the technique to inject the product into any area without any problems. In particular, if hyaluronic acid is injected into a blood vessel with the wrong layer at the time of injection, necrosis will occur in the tissue in the area of ​​the feeding artery. Although I have never personally experienced a single tragic case like this, the reality is that it has happened quite a few times at other medical institutions. Particular care must be taken when injecting lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. At our clinic, we perform hyaluronic acid injections that are safe and pain-free, with a natural finish and a fully guaranteed treatment effect. Please feel free to contact us.  
June 21, 2023

Nose bridge formation by petit plastic surgery

Reading Time: <1 minuteSmall plastic surgery using high-concentration hyaluronic acid injection to create a nasal bridge is one of the procedures that has many needs and can be easily performed with almost no risk or downtime. Rather than making your nose higher, just adjusting the bridge of your nose can make a big difference in your impression. A so-called aquiline nose, a wavy nose, can make you feel uncomfortable because the line of the bridge of your nose disappears and is disconnected. Treatment time is only about XNUMX minute The risk is that internal bleeding may occur. There is no chance of swelling or post-operative infections or allergies. Please feel free to contact us.
June 12, 2022

Tear bag and nose muscle petit plastic surgery

Reading Time: <1 minute The trend in cosmetic surgery has also changed from surgery to petite plastic surgery with no downtime.I have been involved in clinical practice as a cosmetologist for over XNUMX years, but when I first started working as a cosmetologist, there was no prosthesis implant formation or tear pouch treatment for nasal muscle formation.There was no hyaluronic acid preparation and there was a collagen injection from a medical manufacturer called Koken Co., Ltd., but the concentration was low and it was generally only used for wrinkles.Later, bovine collagen injection and human human collagen were sold as pharmaceuticals and became widely used.However, the concentration and tissue survival rate were so low that they were used for petit plastic surgery, and they were used only for wrinkle treatment.The photo on the monitor shows a case in which a tear pouch was formed with hyaluronic acid, and a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid was injected into the nasal muscle to form the nasal muscle.The treatment time is about XNUMX minutes for both treatments.There is no downtime after surgery, and you can make up and wash your face immediately afterwards.It can be transformed in a natural way, and it is also possible to dissolve the hyaluronic acid injected by hyaluronidase and restore it.Although many cosmetologists perform the procedure, sense and dexterity are also important, and over-injection formation can result in an unnatural look.At our hospital, we promise a satisfactory result because the treatment is performed with a natural finish and a guaranteed result system.For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.
June 05, 2022

Is HIFU treatment safe?

Reading Time: <1 minuteNational Life CenterI heard that there have been many complaints about HIFU treatment to ... I have been using HIFU treatment for many years and have never had any trouble. It seems that HIFU treatment has become widespread in recent years, and there are facilities where it is also performed at beauty salons, but strictly speaking, isn't it an illegal act? HIFU is a highly effective, safe and reliable treatment for wrinkles and tarmi.It is also true that some medical institutions do not treat HIFU at all, but leave it to the nurses.Not only is it ineffective, but there are also major trouble cases. Who is the one who does the HIFU equipment instead of the bad one?Are you a person with specialized knowledge and skills?Is important, and it makes me very sad for specialists who are seriously practicing medical treatment when it is reported that it is replaced by a device problem.I am even more surprised that there is a beauty salon that is widely advertised under the name HIFU.Only doctors can perform medical treatment.Estheticians have neither medical knowledge nor medical skills.Gray zone?There is also a problem with the current situation that is left unchecked.I hope that we are now in an era where correct medical care is being reviewed, including reports of criminal accusations caused by burns caused by a nurse's treatment the other day.For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.
June 30, 2021

Relieving pain during anesthesia with laughing gas anesthesia

Reading Time: <1 minute The anesthesia before surgery may cause some pain.We strive to prepare anesthetics and anesthesia methods that are as painless as possible, but for patients who are still anxious, we use laughing gas anesthesia to alleviate anxiety and provide pain relief.It seems to have a stronger sedative effect than an analgesic effect, so it can be expected to suppress the increase in pain caused by anxiety.For patients who wish to undergo surgery and treatment with as little anxiety and pain as possible, we can also provide sedation and analgesia with laughing gas during treatment upon consultation.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact He Hasakae Clinic.  
June 26, 2021

Stitch removal after prosthesis insertion Overseas cases

Reading Time: <1 minute Yesterday, a patient who had undergone prosthetic implant surgery in Thailand came to have his stitches removed.It has already been XNUMX weeks since the surgery.The incision was sutured with dissolvable sutures.Of course, the threads do not dissolve and remain in the scar... The dissolvable threads are actually removable threads.It takes a long time for it to melt and disappear.The stitches will not dissolve so much that you don't need to remove them immediately.I thought this might be the case because I saw some sagging at the suture site inside my nostril... When I proceeded to remove the stitches, as I had imagined, the skin at the suture site had become necrotic and the wound had opened.There was also some infection and inflammation in the wound, so he was initially given antibiotics, but in many cases when suturing with dissolvable sutures, the sutures do not dissolve and remain, causing inflammation and infection.I cannot deny the possibility that the inflammation would have spread further if the stitches had not been removed...I would never use dissolvable stitches in cosmetic surgery, but I need to clearly communicate to the patient that there are risks before visiting the hospital. It seems that only the merits of not having to remove stitches or stitches are being emphasized.For cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact Kanoha Sakae Clinic.
June 25, 2021

Advanced Medical Science Sports Academy AMWA Study Group

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe other day, an AMWA event was held in Tokyo exclusively for directors and related parties. https://www.amwa.jp/ The Advanced Medical Science Wellness Academy Study Group was held.Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, strict infectious disease prevention measures were implemented (participants were limited to those who had taken two doses of the new coronavirus vaccine).Representative director Kenji Shimomura, professor at Fukushima Medical University, gave a research presentation and lecture on diet, and I gave a lecture and research presentation on the next generation health method, Lung Life.The common issue is how to convey incorrect health information as accurate information. I am very concerned about the reality in Japan, where his diet using GLP-1 diet injections is being overpromoted by cosmetic surgeons and beauty clinics, and he is being prescribed only online, without blood tests or medical examinations, and only for profit. I'm here. AMWA has also confirmed the need to conduct awareness-raising activities regarding these risks and issues.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact He Hasakae Clinic.
June 24, 2021

Theory of medical hair removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, I have been receiving more and more requests to supervise hair removal sites and check the medical suitability of articles.There seem to be very few medical institutions where doctors fully understand the theory of hair removal and perform hair removal themselves.It seems that nurses are in charge of hair removal treatments in almost all medical institutions, but it is questionable whether the nurses read and understand hair removal theory and apply it clinically.When removing hair, the target is the melanin pigment in the hair.Oxygenated hemoglobin is the color of blood, the color of red blood cells in the capillaries within the dermis.The shorter the wavelength of the laser light, the easier it is to absorb the melanin and raise the temperature of the melanin, the better, but in reality, for example, if the wavelength is 400 nm, it will just be absorbed by the melanin in the epidermis and the light will not reach the dermal papilla and bulge area. It just causes epidermal burns.Also, if you are trying to destroy melanin without burning the blood vessels, you might think that a wavelength of 694nm (ruby laser) would be better, but in reality, the shorter the wavelength, the more the light is scattered, and with ruby's 15nm, only a small amount of light reaches the dermis. 750%.For this reason, the wavelength suitable for medical hair removal lasers to destroy melanin in hair and hair roots is approximately 790 to 755nm, so 515nm alexandrite light is suitable for medical hair removal lasers.In beauty salons, hair removal is performed using IPL light that contains various wavelengths starting from 1200 nm.This is because only doctors are allowed to handle lasers under the Medical Practitioners Act.For hair removal, IPL is used in beauty salons, so the wavelength is limited (IPL with a wavelength of 1-2 nm was used for medical hair removal) *Factors that affect the hair removal effect 10: Wavelength 30: Pulse width XNUMX: Fluence XNUMX: Number of irradiations XNUMX: Number of hair removal *Client side situation XNUMX: Thickness of hair to be removed XNUMX: Color of hair to be removed XNUMX: Density of hair XNUMX: Area of ​​hair removal XNUMX: Skin color Take these into consideration when hair removal is performed. We will implement it.Theoretically, the spectrum of IPL has been almost completed, and the only way to develop a hair removal device is to increase the fluence by combining it with high frequency or increasing the cooling power, unless there is a problem in terms of medical law and pharmaceutical equipment law.It is important that heat is firmly transmitted to the bulge area and dermal papilla to cause tissue destruction, and IPL, unlike laser, has the disadvantage that there is a lot of diffusion and it is difficult to transmit energy only to shallow areas.If the fluence is increased unnecessarily, epidermal burns are likely to occur, so care must be taken when removing hair for tanned clients or clients with dark skin. Unlike a laser, IPL is a pulsed light that is incoherent, has multiple wavelengths, and has scattering characteristics. Generally, it uses a xenon lamp as a light source and uses a wavelength of XNUMX to XNUMX nm, with the short wavelength region cut off with a filter. Masu.Depending on the application, one or two additional filters are added to limit the wavelength band used for actual treatment.The energy intensity is not uniform and has a peak on the short wavelength side of the oscillation wavelength band. IPL treatment irradiates the skin surface with pulsed light that oscillates in milliseconds through a sapphire irradiation filter.The spot size is often large rectangular, about XNUMX x XNUMX mm, making it possible to treat a wide area in a short time. IPL has different oscillation wavelength bands, settable pulse widths (ex. several milliseconds to tens of milliseconds), pulse division method (ex. single, double, triple), uniformity of output within pulses, and skin irradiation surface for each device. There are large differences in settings and performance, including the presence or absence of a cooling device and its method.            
June 22, 2021

Cosmetic surgery darkness diet supplement

Reading Time: <1 minute   I am currently teaching a lecture on alternative medicine and ethics at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.With regard to supplements, we are flooded with information and the benefits are being promoted one-sidedly, so every year we talk about the risks of taking supplements in our lectures.Be careful with overseas supplements, as even if they are called supplements, they may contain the same ingredients as pharmaceutical products.It is well known that there was a case in which a person who purchased Chinese-made diet supplements online died.When it comes to imported products from overseas, you need to be especially careful as the ingredients may not be as listed.I think it's safer to never touch diet supplements.    

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