June 29, 2021

Next generation PRP therapy

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe were the first in Japan to provide PRP therapy to athletes.We have been in charge of PRP therapy for many top athletes, starting with treatments for Japanese Olympic athletes suffering from Achilles peritendinitis.https://prp-labo.net/ I have been using PRP therapy in the beauty field for XNUMX years, and I have replaced the Swiss-made MyCELLs kit with Israeli-made MyCELLs, which is highly effective and provides stable results.However, due to the enforcement of the Regenerative Medicine Safety Act, traditional PRP therapy has become difficult to perform due to the burden of procedures and increased costs.At our hospital, we currently collect XNUMX cc of blood, deliver it to a dedicated laboratory, completely remove red blood cells and white blood cells, and freeze-dry platelet components to increase the concentration of growth factors, making it possible to store the preparation for a long period of time. .Although treatment cannot be performed on the same day, it is now possible to perform PRP therapy that contains high-quality growth factors that are highly concentrated and free of impurities. http://lcepfer.jp/ Currently, I am responsible for providing advice on clinical trials and the creation of treatment protocols at the request of Infix Co., Ltd.Compared to conventional PRP, XNUMX: It is less painful XNUMX: It is more effective XNUMX: Freeze-dried PRP can be stored for up to XNUMX year, and is now expected to be more effective for patients.Our hospital is the only medical institution in Japan where you can receive treatments in both the beauty and sports fields.

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