June 28, 2021

Next Generation PRP L-cepfer PRP Lecture

Reading Time: <1 minute January 2022, 1, Next Generation PRPhttp://lcepfer.jp/I will give a lecture. We have been performing PRP for cosmetic purposes for over 20 years, and for over 10 years we have been performing PRP therapy exclusively for top athletes in the orthopedic and sports fields.Top athletes of all genres have recovered and are doing great with PRP therapy.For the first time in Japan, we performed the treatment on his top athlete (Masato Naito, Japan representative in the men's 110m hurdles at the Athens Olympics, former Japanese record holder, and the first athlete in Japan to receive PRP therapy for the purpose of treating Achilles tendonitis). I did.Since then, we have performed treatments on many top athletes, including Dai Tamesue, top tour professional golfers, and J-League players, with remarkable results.As the only specialist in Japan who practices PRP therapy in the beauty and sports fields, I will give a lecture based on my experience.However, the Regenerative Medicine Safety Act has placed major restrictions on the spread of PRP.Therefore, we conducted a clinical trial of next-generation PRP therapy that can be easily introduced without the need for notification, and we have obtained remarkable results with the cooperation of local Japanese Olympic athletes and top athletes. I will explain.I was able to feel that the pain during the treatment was much less than traditional PRP therapy, and the results were significantly improved.Moreover, it can be stored for one year by freeze-drying, making it possible to administer up to five times with a single blood draw.This is good news for the many athletes who are suffering from injuries.Of course, you can also expect great effects for beauty purposes.

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