June 29, 2023

The pH of the local anesthesia created in our hospital is adjusted to neutrality to reduce pain.

Reading Time: <1 minuteToday, we created anesthesia to be used in aesthetic medicine in the hospital. Local anesthetics are used in a variety of cosmetic treatments such as armpit treatment, mole treatment, and double eyelid surgery. What is the difference between anesthesia created in the hospital and anesthesia used at general medical institutions? Tangle: Overwhelmingly when injectingpain reliefwill be done. Reason: The pH of the anesthetic is close to that of the living body. local anesthetic islidocaine hydrochlorideIs called. You can tell from the name that it is acidic. The pH of living organisms is neutral and is Ph7.35 to 7.45. The difference in Ph between the anesthetic and the anesthetic is felt as pain during injection. At our hospitalBy mixing a certain proportion of Meiron (alkaline solution)The pH of lidocaine hydrochloride, an acidic anesthetic, is adjusted to neutral. The extremely low dose of lidocaine hydrochloride is close to the actual dose, and administering a large amount is risky, so it is necessary to use the lowest possible concentration and amount. Some cosmetic surgeons do not have this knowledge, so I would like you to learn about it. Pain during treatment and pain from anesthesia are also concerns for patients. At our hospital, we do our best to alleviate the pain and anxiety of our patients.

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