June 28, 2023

Laser treatment and absorption curve

Reading Time: <1 minuteToday, we gathered the staff and explained the absorption curve, which is one of the basics of laser principles. If the absorption curve is not well understood, the meaning of laser treatment will be lost. In the living body water red blood cells melanin pigment These three substances are the targets to consider when irradiating her laser. The principle of laser spot treatment is how to efficiently destroy melanin without damaging other targets. In addition to the wavelength, you must also consider the absorption rate of other targets. We perform treatment by considering various laser wavelengths, depth of penetration, and absorption targets. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the light travels The shorter the wavelength, the more shallow the light can reach. To this he adds doubts such as pulse width, energy. ·wavelength ·pulse width ·energy This is an important point for laser treatment. Q-switched YAG laser with a wavelength of 10 nm targets melanin in the epidermis Q-switched YAG laser with a wavelength of 6 nm targets pigmentary diseases of the dermis (ADM, nevus of Ota, tattoos, nevus flatus, etc.) The Q-switched ruby ​​laser has good absorption properties for melanin, and it is preferred by dermatologists because it has good sharpness when treating age spots. Recently, pico lasers with extremely short pulse widths have been actively used for tattoo removal and stain treatment. 20 minus XNUMXth power is pico XNUMX minus XNUMXth power is nano Q-switched YAG lasers also have a fairly short pulse width of XNUMX-XNUMX billionths of a second... Cutting-edge laser equipment continues to evolve.
June 27, 2023

Q YAG laser treatment system

Reading Time: <1 minute The other day, I gave a lecture at the aesthetic medical community. Clinical experience with the latest Q-switched YAG laser and its applications. The content had the meaning of an educational lecture. Currently, our hospital uses the world's most advanced Q YAG laser device to perform skin beautification treatments and age spot treatments. Laser toning and laser peeling are also possible at the same time. Pico laser has been a hot topic lately, but I don't think it's particularly effective for treatments other than tattoos. At our hospital, we have introduced the Repeat Examination Q YAG laser device Pastelle Pro for skin care treatment, with the aim of total skin beauty. Stains, enlarged pores, dullness, fine lines, melasma, tattoos... Nowadays, it seems that many cosmetic surgery clinics have nurses performing laser treatments, but this is a gray area. At our hospital, I, as the director, will be responsible for everything from counseling to examination and treatment. Please feel free to contact us.
June 26, 2021

Anesthesia for mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic requesting mole removal.In addition to the scar after mole removal, everyone is concerned about the pain during treatment and the pain of anesthesia.For mole removal, a local anesthetic is administered.In particular, men are more vulnerable to pain than women, so we manufacture local anesthetics in-house to reduce pain during anesthesia as much as possible.Generally, the local anesthetic is performed by injecting a drug called lidocaine hydrochloride, which is called xylocaine, into the mole removal site with a syringe.Most of the concentrations of xylocaine used in cosmetic surgery are XNUMX%, XNUMX%, and XNUMX%. It seems that the pain caused by the local anesthetic is very strong.At our hospital, we adjust the concentration of xylocaine, which contains a vasoconstrictor called epirenamin, to be diluted to about XNUMX%.The local anesthetic is adjusted to be neutral so that the pH of the local anesthetic is close to the pH of the living body by mixing Meiron, a bicarbonate with an alkaline pH.This greatly reduces pain during local anesthesia.Unfortunately, the knowledge of how to adjust local anesthetics is still not widespread among many cosmetic surgeons.All the cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists I have instructed do not use local anesthetics as they are, but use Meiron to adjust the pH and dilute the concentration.Also, the thicker the injection needle, the more painful it will be when it penetrates the skin.Anesthesia is performed using ultra-thin needles of XNUMXG to XNUMXG depending on the area, so pain is significantly reduced compared to receiving local anesthesia with normal thick needles.It is also important in medical practice to consider the anesthesia method and drugs used during the procedure.Self-funded medical treatment requires advanced knowledge, skills, and delicate consideration.When removing moles for cosmetic purposes, we believe that it is essential for patients to receive the best cosmetic medical services.If you are still afraid of injecting anesthetic into your face, use a small medical vibrator or vibration oscillator that vibrates at a high speed and bring it into contact with the skin near the injection site to cause pain. Special anesthetic techniques can be performed to lower the threshold.
June 23, 2021

Mole removal raised shape

Reading Time: <1 minuteTreatment methods for mole removal vary depending on the location, size, type and shape of the mole.Naturally, if we suspect malignancy, we will remove the tissue and perform a pathological examination to determine whether it is malignant or not.Generally, if a dermascope does not show any malignant findings and all clearly benign moles are removed by excision, the scar after the excision is often more noticeable than the mole.The shape of the mole is classified as: XNUMX: Raised mole XNUMX: Slightly raised mole XNUMX: Flat mole However, raised moles can be easily removed and are less likely to leave scars.For about XNUMX years, mole removal has been performed using the evaporation method using carbon dioxide laser irradiation.When you hear the word laser, you have an image of cutting-edge technology, but the system of the carbon dioxide laser device itself is a system that was developed XNUMX years ago, and its principles have hardly evolved.The same is true in theory.Just because it's a carbon dioxide laser doesn't mean it can be removed completely.We remove moles at a low price with unlimited carbon dioxide laser irradiation.We receive many inquiries about cases where moles are not removed and only burn scars remain after being irradiated at medical institutions.Just because it's a carbon dioxide laser doesn't mean it can be removed completely.Especially for raised moles, our hospital recommends a method that uses high-frequency heat to carefully and precisely evaporate the mole tissue, avoiding post-burn scars and making the scar less noticeable.Do not use carbon dioxide laser irradiation.Of course, technically speaking, advanced techniques are required, but he can remove it very cleanly in most cases, and there are no noticeable scars after the surgery.For flat moles, the pigment extends to the deep layers of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, so if you try to remove it completely at once, it will require evaporation treatment to the deep part, which can easily cause scarring, so it is difficult to completely remove it in one go. There are many cases.On that point, if you first evaporate the raised mole tissue until it becomes flat, the wound will heal beautifully and it will be difficult to leave a scar.If you are a specialist in moles, he will be able to diagnose which treatment is best and what care is required before surgery.
June 23, 2021

Treatment method in which a nurse is in charge of armpit pain treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteUnderarm surgery is, of course, performed by a doctor.However, recently there has been a lot of trouble caused by nurses treating armpit bugs.He uses miraDry, Beauhot, etc. as treatments for armpits other than surgery.Recently, treatments using ultrasound, such as HIFU, have become popular.The common feature of these treatments is that they all use equipment, and he uses a method in which a special probe is pressed against the affected area and irradiated.Therefore, the procedure is simple and can be treated by a nurse.However, nurses did not study medicine.Even if you study nursing, you are not an expert in dermatology, wound healing, or aesthetic medicine.Both nurses and doctors simply press a probe against the skin and irradiate it, so they are not the same.First of all, since there are individual differences, it is necessary to set detailed parameters such as output, irradiation time, range, etc. according to the condition of each individual patient, such as skin condition and treatment area. Not only do they not occur, but extremely serious skin injuries, burns, and nerve damage actually occur as medical accidents.So, why do nurses treat armpit bugs?The reason is assumed to be as follows. XNUMX: The procedure takes a long time and it is not worth it considering the doctor's fee. XNUMX: The doctor performs the surgery, but due to the reservation situation, only nurses are available. XNUMX: The procedure is a simple treatment that can be done by a nurse as it is a business operation. XNUMX. If you think about how to reduce treatment costs due to price competition, you won't be able to run a business if nurses don't perform the treatments XNUMX. Doctors don't know anything about armpit pain, so nurses There are not only risks but also legal issues associated with the treatment.Since it is a medical practice, even if it is under the supervision of a doctor, it cannot be said that there is no problem under the Medical Practitioners Act for a nurse to treat armpits.Ethically, it is absolutely unacceptable for her to have a nurse treat her armpits.We have been advising manufacturers regarding this issue for many years, but they have ignored us, and what we feared happened.This is not an armpit treatment, but a nurse used high frequency treatment for wrinkles and sagging (according to reports it was laser treatment) without the supervision of a doctor, which caused severe burns on the neck, which took six months to fully recover. A cosmetic medical problem occurred during a medical diagnosis, and a certain clinic was searched for an injury due to work-related negligence.The report included her real name and even the name of the cosmetic medical equipment. https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/98c0df8670df62a988c3d9b40ea6cdbff7afabcc It is unusual for a police investigation to involve a medical institution in cases other than fatal accidents.This incident is just the tip of the iceberg, and the reality is that many troubles occur due to nurse treatments.Our hospital receives many inquiries after problems with nursing treatments.It is very unfortunate, but a business system is being established in the beauty medical industry where nurses perform treatments by lowering the unit price and attracting customers through PR.In order to avoid compromising the quality of aesthetic medicine, perhaps it is time to reconsider the gray area aesthetic medical practices performed by nurses.  
June 17, 2021

Burns with laser treatment?

Reading Time: <1 minutehttps://www.mbs.jp/news/kansainews/20211115/GE00041054.shtml

Burns for XNUMX months after laser treatment ... Victims file criminal accusation with doctors Medical equipment is not approved in Japan

However, I was worried about some mistakes and the focus of the problem, so I explained it with accurate expressions.It is unusual for a beauty clinic to be reported as a home investigation or criminal case other than a fatal accident.As for aesthetic medicine risk management, it is thought that the problem has expanded beyond medical troubles because there were problems in following patients and dealing with patients when aesthetic medicine troubles occurred.First of all, this aesthetic medicine troubleLaser treatmentso···scaldThere is a title, but in the document it is not due to high frequency and laserhigh frequencyIt turns out that it is a medical accident of beauty treatment by. Lasers and high frequencies are completely different. Lasers are single-wavelength light High frequencies are electrical energy, a type of energy that is completely different from light and electricity.Lasers are the main area of ​​cosmetological treatment for approaches to the epidermis or superficial dermis, such as removing blemishes and tattoos.However, high frequency is mainly used for the treatment of wrinkles and tarmi instead of the epidermis, and it is a treatment targeted under the dermis.I'm confusing laser with high frequency.Next, because it is an unapproved device, the name of the medical manufacturer Jis ●● company is also reflected in the news video, and a picture that seems to be a pamphlet of the device ULTRA Cell? That is supposed to be used was also copied.This can make this vendor seem like a problem.If this company sells this device by proclaiming a nurse's treatment, the responsibility of the company may be questioned, but it is not possible to make such a recommendation in common sense. Hmm.Originally, it is unthinkable to sell a medical device that allows nurses to treat medical practices that doctors must perform.Of course, unapproved equipment cannot be sold domestically by any vendor.In reality, the flow of purchasing unapproved cosmetological medical devices is that the doctor imports the individual at his / her own risk and the trader acts as the individual import agent.In this case, of course, you cannot lease, so all payments will be made in cash.Is it a problem because I used unapproved equipment in this report?I am afraid that the viewer will have the image.In today's world of cosmetology, the use of unapproved equipment is predominant when performing cosmetology treatments, and many cosmetology services must be stopped if unapproved equipment = illegal. It is.It is okay to use unapproved medical devices in the doctor's responsibilities.Doctors at this medical institution should have had no problem installing this device.By the way, the problem in this case is that the nurse is performing the procedure.It is a medical practice that is used infinitely black and is expressed as gray.It seems that the doctor first instructed the output etc., but is the nurse an assembly line?Or you should have been proceeding with the treatment according to some manual.There was a scar on the net immediately after the operation of this patient, so I saw it, but it was a XNUMX-XNUMX degree burn.There was a severe burn site that seemed to be part of the skin necrosis.Unlike abrasions and cuts, burns take a long time to heal and are prone to scarring and scar contraction.It is assumed that the postoperative pain was also quite severe.The doctor should check the patient's condition during the procedure rather than the skill of the nurse.Of course, even after surgery.When skin damage due to burns is found after surgery, intensive treatment for burns (in my case, PRP therapy, skin regeneration therapy and hydrocolloid dressing with cytokines, cooling, suppression of inflammation, etc. are thoroughly performed every day. Think about care.) Should have been needed.It is assumed that if the medical diagnosis and treatment at that time were explained in detail to the patient and apologized, as much beauty and regenerative medicine as possible could not only promote the healing of the scar but also reduce the burden on the patient's heart. increase.According to the media, it is a criminal accusation against a medical institution, so you can see that he was angry with distrust not only as a result of medical trouble but also as a response of the medical institution.Nurse Treatment I think this treatment is black rather than gray, which means it is legally a problem.Ethically it is absolutely NG.It seems that the patient chose the nurse treatment because it is cheap, but it is doubtful that the nurse will perform the treatment and treatment that the doctor should originally do because the treatment cost will be cheaper.I'm not a legal expert, but I've been doing cosmetology clinically for over XNUMX years as a cosmetologist, but I'm always worried that it's more problematic and terrifying than a nurse's procedure on behalf of a doctor. I was there.There is a connection Even for aesthetic medicine manufacturers, there are many problems with nurse treatment in the past, and ethically and legally, nurse treatment should never be performed, so as a manufacturer that absolutely handles aesthetic medicine equipment I requested that it should not be used in sales talks. In reality, there are cosmetologists who are willing to convince and do not recommend nurse treatment, and there are cosmetologists who are repulsed and let the nurse do what is wrong. I don't think this incident caused any major problems such as ridiculous virtue or illegality of this medical institution.Aesthetic medicine troubles like this one are just a few.There are many consultations with me about more tragic troubles due to the nurse's treatment.I think the expression such as the tip of the iceberg is appropriate.In this case, I would like to ask for support and business in which the aesthetic medicine company will also correct the collar firmly and the doctor, not the nurse, will be responsible for operating the aesthetic medicine equipment and directly performing the aesthetic medicine treatment. increase.It does not protect the doctors and nurses in this clinic, but the lessons learned from this case should be careful in aesthetic medicine rather than hitting the doctors and nurses in charge. I think that is important.The purpose of aesthetic medicine is to make women happy.
June 16, 2021

Anesthesia for mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteIn principle, the anesthetic used for mole removal is lidocaine hydrochloride, or xylocaine. https://www.kegg.jp/medicus-bin/japic_med_product?id=00000332-003is used.Xylocaine, which contains a vasoconstrictor called epirenamin, is used.Epilenamine has the effect of constricting blood vessels to control bleeding and prolonging the effective time of her xylocaine during treatment.Medical school textbooks state that it is contraindicated for use on the tip of the nose and fingertips, but currently clinically there are almost no problems. (It was thought that skin necrosis may occur due to vasoconstriction.) Concentrations of XNUMX% to XNUMX% formulations are often used. XNUMX% is a sufficient concentration and there is no problem in use.At our hospital, we use xylocaine, but as the name of xylocaine lidocaine hydrochloride suggests, it has an acidic PH of XNUMX to XNUMX. It causes sexual pain.For this reason, in order to adjust the pH, he mixes an alkaline agent called Meiron to further lower the concentration, and he adjusts the pH to about XNUMX, which is as close to the living body as possible.In actual use, compared to traditional Xylocaine injections, he was far less painful and less burdensome on the patient.Also, the needle used for the injection is XNUMXG to XNUMXG, which reduces the pain considerably.When removing a large number of moles, injections are required for the number of moles, so pain relief care is always required during anesthesia for the patient.Even if the amount of anesthesia required for mole removal is small and simple, pain can be alleviated with careful injections.At our hospital, we remove moles by using ultra-fine needles and using our own PH-adjusted xylocaine anesthetic.
June 15, 2021

Background of criminal cases related to burns caused by laser treatment

Reading Time: <1 minutehttps://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6409686 Recently, there was a report about a problem with a treatment at a beauty clinic.There are some mistakes in this content, so I would like to share my personal opinion.There are articles in the news about troubles with lasers, but in reality, there is almost no laser treatment for wrinkles or sagging, so it is expected that it is a treatment using electrical energy using high frequency.The word "high frequency" is mentioned in the text, but if it is high frequency, it is not a system like Thermage, which generates heat energy from a single pole terminal to generate collagen in the dermis and treat sagging and wrinkles. I think so.However, currently, the main system for treatment of wrinkles and sagging in the neck is called HIFU.It is a treatment method that focuses ultrasonic waves with high density and generates heat to induce protein degeneration in the dermis and fascia and lift them up. .Isn't this a problem caused by HIFU on the internet?There are many references to this, and the truth is still unknown.Although it says that it is the use of unapproved equipment, it is illegal to use unapproved equipment for beauty treatment.In fact, in Japan, much of the beauty treatment in Japan involves the use of unapproved equipment, and if unapproved beauty treatment equipment were made illegal, it would be impossible to run a beauty clinic or perform beauty treatment.The current state of cosmetic medicine in Japan is that doctors are personally responsible for importing unapproved cosmetic medical equipment from overseas to perform treatments.I am concerned about the content of the report giving the impression that the use of unapproved equipment is at fault, or that the use of unapproved equipment led to a police raid.What is the problem with this case? XNUMX. The nurse performed the procedure. XNUMX. Instructions to the nurse and post-surgery checks were not conducted properly, and even if the procedure was performed under the supervision of a doctor, it was insufficient.It is unusual for the police to raid a medical institution for cases other than a fatal medical accident, and there have been reports of damage from patients and criminal complaints submitted to the police along with medical certificates and other concrete evidence. It is assumed.Alternatively, it is assumed that there are other similar victims and there are multiple similar cases, or that the medical institution's response to the current patient was extremely inappropriate.In any case, I don't think this problem is limited to medical institutions that have had their homes searched.At our hospital, we also receive a considerable number of consultations from patients who have suffered burns after receiving laser irradiation or HIFU irradiation at other clinics, which should normally be performed by a doctor.If there is even the slightest risk in any treatment, a doctor should always perform the treatment, and she believes that import agents and manufacturers should not sell beauty medical equipment on the assumption that a nurse will perform the treatment.I would like to pay close attention to the facts of this incident so that more people can receive aesthetic medicine, which has many gray areas, with greater social peace of mind.At our clinic, since we opened, I, as the director, have been responsible for all treatments, and I have always performed them from beginning to end.
June 01, 2021

We have increased inquiries about moles.

Reading Time: <1 minuteAs the new coronavirus infection spread, people began covering their faces with masks, leaving only the eyes exposed.Many companies require employees to wear masks indoors.Currently, the number of patients undergoing mole removal is rapidly increasing.Carbon dioxide laser treatment is famous for the removal of moles, but at our clinic, we use heat ablation treatment using electronic energy or thulium laser (Lavieen), which leaves fewer scars and can be removed reliably in a short time compared to carbon dioxide laser. We recommend tissue ablation treatment. >>About mole removal All-you-can-remove moles are carried out for a fixed fee.At medical institutions, removal using a carbon dioxide laser is common, but there is a possibility that a very noticeable hypertrophic scar will remain, so careful consideration is required.There are many patients who come to our clinic for consultation regarding hypertrophic scars that have been caused by moles being removed using carbon dioxide laser. CO₂ or carbon dioxide laser mole removal is called his laser and has a cutting-edge image, but it has been used clinically for over 25 years.In a sense, it is an old-fashioned treatment that carefully removes moles and is not necessarily recommended as the first choice.In fact, more than XNUMX years ago, I used a domestically produced carbon dioxide laser system developed by Japan Infrared Industry Co., Ltd. (Neek), which was sold at a list price of about XNUMX million yen at the time, to remove moles.When I started working as a cosmetic surgeon, the basic treatment for mole removal was excision, so the carbon dioxide laser system, which allows moles to evaporate and disappear simply by irradiating them with a laser beam, was revolutionary and magical. It looked like a piece of equipment.Scars are less noticeable than open surgery, and over XNUMX years ago, scar healing was not as much of a problem.There was a time when patients who underwent laser treatment were satisfied as long as the size and color of their moles improved.However, now that there are systems that can remove it more cleanly, the issue of scars such as hypertrophic scars caused by carbon dioxide laser removal has come into focus.I am also reluctant to continue using the same treatment method I used XNUMX years ago.Currently, raised moles are mainly removed using a treatment method that evaporates the mole tissue using heat generated by radio frequency electronic energy.For flat moles, laser irradiation with a medium called thulium is used to vaporize and remove the tissue.Moles are diagnosed using a device called dermoscopy.If malignancy is suspected, the affected area must be removed by excision or hollowing out and pathological examination performed to confirm the diagnosis.For tumors that have been definitively diagnosed as benign, we do not remove only the mole, but choose ablation with electronic energy or treatment with thulium laser.Aftercare involves applying a medical sticker for several days and applying moist therapy, without disinfecting the affected area.Disinfecting wounds can delay wound healing and increase the risk of infection due to tissue damage caused by disinfectants.The most common reason to remove a mole is for aesthetic purposes, but there are also cases where fortune telling recommends removal, or when there are symptoms such as itching or pain.Mole removal does not mean that all scars will heal in the same way and become less noticeable.Depending on the area of ​​the body, the scar may bulge and become a hypertrophic scar, so careful consideration is required before surgery.On the face, scars are most likely to be visible around the mouth, lower jaw, and above the cheekbones.On the body, scars tend to be more noticeable on the shoulders, over the deltoid muscles, and over the sternum, and the reason for this is that the skin is so tense that it constantly pulls on the surrounding areas.Particularly in these areas, there are many cases where the scar heals as a white bulge called a hypertrophic scar.Depending on the location, excision surgery can also cure the mole with almost no scarring, so if the mole is too large, surgery may be necessary.It is difficult to remove the tip of the nose because there is cartilage just below it, so treatment methods other than removal must be selected.Mole removal is not a difficult cosmetic surgery procedure, but there are many points to be careful of, such as post-operative care and selection of the surgical site. We recommend that you take it. contact@sakae-clinic.com phone:0120566680

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