June 14, 2024

How widespread is the EL method for treating underarm odor?

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe receive many inquiries asking where else the EL method can be used to treat underarm odor. Unfortunately, we are the only clinic that currently offers the EL method performed by a specialist. The reasons are as follows: 1: It is extremely difficult to learn the technique. 2: It takes a long time to learn the technique, so many doctors give up even after coming for training. 3: It takes a long time to become skilled, and if you are not skilled, it takes a long time to treat one armpit, more than an hour. 4: If the treatment is not performed by a skilled specialist, many insulated needles are needed for one patient, so it is not worth the cost of treatment. 5: The cost of treatment is low compared to the effort and treatment time. 6: The spread of low-quality medical care performed by nurses such as MiraDry. 7: The skills of cosmetic surgeons are declining. 8: It is difficult to implement SNS strategies. 9: It is difficult to standardize and educate at major cosmetic surgery clinics. 10: Lack of instructors. 11: Lack of awareness compared to MiraDry. The recent trend in cosmetic surgery is to leave it to nurses even if you have no experience, so the EL method will not spread in the first place. The EL method is the least painful of all underarm odor treatments, has no risks, no downtime, is highly effective, and is a good treatment that puts less strain on patients. It's unfortunate...
June 13, 2024

Anesthesia for the treatment of underarm odor (2)

Reading Time: <1 minuteI have previously written about anesthesia for underarm odor in a blog. When treating underarm odor, it is essential to inform patients about the risks of anesthesia. However, it seems that almost all medical institutions do not inform patients about the risks of local anesthesia. https://www.kin-ikyo-chuo.jp/files/resident/senior/program-anesth Many doctors are unaware of the risks of the local anesthetic xylocaine. As shown in the table above, if 10cc of 2% xylocaine is rapidly injected into the body as an anesthetic, it will exceed the maximum dose and may even be life-threatening. In fact, a tragic fatal accident occurred at a certain cosmetic surgery clinic, where an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon administered a local anesthetic to a female patient in her 20s before surgery for underarm odor, resulting in her death. Fatal accidents from local anesthetics? It is not impossible. Recently, young cosmetic surgeons have become charismatic on social media, and cosmetic surgeons with very little experience and knowledge are overconfident in treating patients without receiving education on these risks. At our hospital, we currently mix a homemade anesthetic that adjusts the concentration of xylocaine to 0.17% or less, mixes it with the alkaline drug meiron to adjust the pH and suppress pain during pain. With MiraDry, it is not uncommon to administer more than 20cc to one armpit, and if 2% xylocaine is used on both armpits, it can be life-threatening... Just because it is a famous cosmetic surgery clinic, doesn't mean the anesthesia is safe. A cosmetic surgeon who calls himself the director and has almost no medical or surgical knowledge performs local anesthesia without considering the risks, which is a very scary medical procedure. Moreover, after the anesthetic injection is completed, the MiraDry treatment is left entirely to the nurses, and they may not notice any abnormal symptoms due to xylocaine poisoning after anesthesia. Of course, nurses have no knowledge or experience in this field. If such risky medical procedures are performed with profit as the priority, the patient's life will be threatened. I would like patients to know that local anesthesia also carries great risks before treatment.  
June 11, 2024

Underarm ointment

Reading Time: <1 minuteThe topical medication for underarm odor has an odor-reducing effect, as it contains ingredients that suppress the bacteria called acne bacteria, which breaks down the substances that cause odor. It is a wonderful topical medication that is sure to be effective and has no side effects, and we prescribe it to many patients at our clinic. Topical medicines are ideal when you want to suppress odor before puberty or before undergoing surgical treatment, miraDry, EL method, etc. If a young child becomes concerned about the odor, other treatments are difficult to choose, so topical medications are often suggested. On the other hand, even in adults, if the symptoms are not severe, it is possible to control the odor with topical medications.

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I don't have the budget for surgery or other treatments. He was reluctant to undergo the procedure and wanted to get rid of the odor as soon as there was no downtime or pain. I want easy treatment. the smell is not that strong

Benefits of topical medications

・No downtime ・No scars ・No aftereffects or complications ・Easy and quick ・Can be done by yourself at any time ・Low cost

Disadvantages of topical medications

- Complete recovery is not possible - If you stop using the product, the odor will return immediately - It will take some time for the odor to go away after using the product

Topical medicine FAQ

Are there any side effects from topical medications?

Basically, there is no need to worry about side effects even if you use it for a long time. This is a formulation that has an extremely low possibility of causing contact dermatitis due to the cream base material.

How long does it take to see the effects after using it externally?

You will notice results as soon as 24 hours later, but generally you will feel results within 2-3 days.

How often do you use topical medications?

Generally, it is recommended to apply twice a day.

Can I use it at any age? Is it okay for children?

Since there are almost no reported side effects, it can be used by everyone, from pregnant women and children to the elderly.

Can it be used after EL method, MiraDry or surgery?

Since this is a topical antibiotic, it can be used immediately after surgery.

Can it be used immediately after a MiraDry or BeauHot treatment?

It is ready to use for any treatment.

Do you experience any itching or pain when using it externally?

It does not cause itching or pain when applied, except in cases of special contact dermatitis.

How much does it cost?

It costs about 3,000-5,000 yen for one month. In some cases, insurance may cover skin conditions such as folliculitis. Medical expenses are eligible for deduction. Cheap and effective topical medications are also worth trying. Please feel free to contact us.
June 07, 2024

All about armpit ga, susoga, and chichiga treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe provide detailed answers on the truth, current situation, and reality of armpit pain treatment in a Q&A format. If you watch this video, you will understand the dark side of cosmetic surgery and the dark side of underarm treatment. Get treatment for armpit bloat, sweat bloat, sweating, and hyperhidrosis from a specialist that you won't regret. You don't feel safe because it's a major company, but you don't feel safe because you can always see flashy advertisements. The reality is that nurses are performing treatments that are damaging to your body. Be sure to have your armpit pain treated by an experienced specialist. If a nurse treats underarm pain, there is a high risk that it will be a violation of the Medical Practitioners Act, a criminal act, and the result will be disastrous rather than effective.
June 06, 2024

The darkness of a cosmetic surgeon

Reading Time: <1 minuteIt has been 34 years since I started practicing cosmetic surgery. He became one of the few cosmetic surgeons who knew about cosmetic surgery in the Showa era. I have looked at the history of cosmetic surgery, but considering the recent decline in the quality of cosmetic surgeons, I am concerned about the future development of cosmetic surgery. There is a cosmetic surgery clinic group that is constantly recruiting people with no experience to become a director in 6 months and work 5 hours 3 days a week with an annual income of 30 million yen to 200 million yen. The quality of cosmetic surgery is not so low that you can become a director in six months with no experience. 200 million yen! ? If this were true, I would want to change jobs as soon as the hospital closes. What does this mean? This is impossible when considering legitimate medical practice. Being a cosmetic surgeon can be fun, make money, and be admired. As long as you can use SNS well, skills and knowledge are irrelevant. They teamed up with unscrupulous influencers and unscrupulous beauty YouTubers to attract patients through hype. Exosome business, MiraDry business, diet business...all prioritize business. The existence of an organization whose top priority is profit, whose managers are not doctors either. There is a reality that is far removed from medical care. A world is unfolding where experience, knowledge, and technology are completely irrelevant. Many patients come to our clinic for consultations who are worried about scars and after-effects after cosmetic surgery. It is important to find the correct information to avoid falling victim to an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon.
June 05, 2024

Problems with anesthesia for armpit pain treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe receive many inquiries about re-treatment from patients who have received miraDry treatment but found it to be ineffective or have had a recurrence. Currently, more than half of the patients who come to our hospital for the first time who wish to receive treatment for underarm pain are patients who have undergone MiraDry treatment. Many patients complain of strong anesthesia pain and severe swelling and pain after surgery. It is highly unlikely that you will experience severe pain from anesthesia before armpit treatment. The anesthesia uses a local anesthetic called xylocaine. The chemical name is lidocaine hydrochloride and the pH is acidic. In fact, the pain during anesthesia is more painful than the pain from needle injection, and is caused by the infiltration of the acidic liquid xylocaine. At our hospital, we do our best to prevent pain so that our patients experience almost no pain. 1: Mix in an alkaline drug called Meiron to adjust the pH. 2: Dilute 2% xylocaine to 0.17%. 3: Inject with a thin needle. 4: Slowly inject the anesthetic. The pain can be significantly reduced by steps 1-4. Even elementary school students can safely undergo anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery treatment is self-funded and unlike insurance treatment, it requires medical skills and hospitality to eliminate pain and the patient's fear and anxiety as much as possible. We will provide treatment in a safe environment with the skills of not only the doctors but also the staff. Patients who experience severe pain from the anesthesia before miraDry treatment can undergo the treatment with peace of mind.
June 08, 2024

Risks and effectiveness of armpit surgery covered by insurance

Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, there has been a sudden increase in the number of patients who have had underarm surgery covered by insurance, but have left ugly scars or had no effect, so they are coming back for re-treatment. Underarm surgery is possible even if it is covered by insurance, but you should be careful as there are some clinics that perform very questionable surgeries. Be especially careful about clinics that advertise underarm surgery as covered by insurance. There are problematic clinics that advertise that ``armpit surgery is covered by insurance'' just to attract customers! Underarm surgery covered by insurance: In the Reiwa era, I am cautious... The reason is 1: They attract patients with insurance, and then upsell the procedures in the hospital, telling them that they will leave scars and have poor results, forcing them to pay for the treatment at their own expense. There are clinics that do that. 2: Underarm surgery performed on an outpatient basis is difficult to immobilize the affected area and is impossible to exfoliate over a wide area, making it extremely ineffective. 3: Due to insurance, there is little consideration given to scars, and many patients suffer from ugly scars after surgery. 4: His armpit surgery, which is a treatment from the Showa era, is a problem in the Reiwa era. There is a high risk of various complications occurring postoperatively. 5: There are many cases where the skill of the doctor is low. (Doctors with specialized knowledge and experience often do not recommend underarm surgery as a medical treatment covered by insurance, which is highly risky and less effective.) As a cosmetic surgeon, I have performed over 1,500 cases of underarm surgery. However, I do not think that this is the treatment method that should be used now in the Reiwa era. In the Showa and Heisei eras, surgery was established as the main treatment, so it was natural that it would be performed, but now that non-invasive treatments are available, people can undergo surgery because it is cheap and covered by insurance, and it is not effective and leaves many scars and various other symptoms. Many patients suffer from serious complications (skin necrosis, scar contracture, atheroma...). I believe that in my career as a cosmetic surgeon over the past 30 years, I have performed the most underarm surgeries in the Tokai area. However, if surgery is the only option, surgical treatment is unavoidable, but now there are highly effective treatments such as the EL method that have no downtime and no complications. It's best to think carefully. Postoperative immobilization is more difficult than patients imagine. Postoperative complications are more common than patients might imagine. This is because insurance covers treatments for malignant tumors, etc., which are the standard treatments, and the most scientifically effective treatments with established evidence are covered by insurance, so treatments covered by insurance should be prioritized. However, armpit surgery is completely different. I would like patients who are considering armpit surgery to think about whether surgery covered by insurance is really safe, effective, and suitable for them.
June 28, 2024

Hype of underarm treatment

Reading Time: <1 minute (* The photo is for illustration purposes only.) As the temperature rises, we are receiving more inquiries from patients suffering from armpit irritation and hyperhidrosis. Isn't miraDry the treatment that is currently being advertised and promoted the most? This MiraDry hype and trouble are noticeable. Sakae Clinic's underarm bloat/hyperhidrosis treatment "EL method" (sakae-clinic.net) Approximately half of the new patients at our clinic are patients who had poor response, recurrence, or no response after miraDry surgery. Consultation for re-treatment. You can immediately lead a pain-free daily life without using a scalpel... Attractive keywords are lined up in MiraDry advertisements. However, the reality is that it is not possible to expect a complete recovery with just one treatment, which is extremely painless. In particular, there is the fact that MiraDry, which is administered by nurses, has little effect or frequently causes burns. Underarm odor is a disease called armpit odor syndrome, and doctors should be in charge of the treatment directly, but currently the treatment is left to nurses. As a result, there are a large number of patients who have had severe burns and scars that have no effect at all. What we can say is that there is absolutely no way that legitimate medical effects or safety can be expected from treatments performed by nurses. The same doctor who is in charge of the treatment from start to finish should provide explanations, treatment, guarantee efficacy, and ensure safety. I have received many consultations from patients at my local doctor's office who have had no effect on the treatment given by nurses, and I feel very sorry for him because this is a commercial-oriented treatment that is far from medical care. In aesthetic medicine, there are many medical institutions, managers, and doctors who prioritize profit over patient satisfaction and safe medical practices. In less than six months, she became the director of a major cosmetic surgery clinic...There is no way that a doctor with no experience in cosmetic medicine could even instruct her to treat her armpits. Is anesthesia before armpit treatment a problem? I think there is a possibility that this is happening. At our hospital, we never recommend high-interest medical loans, pushy up-sales, or same-day treatments. There is no need for nurses to even draw blood; I, as the director who is a specialist, am responsible for all counseling, examination, treatment, care, etc. When it comes to underarm pain treatment, she is superior to MiraDry in all aspects, including cost, safety, downtime, pain, and effectiveness.We hope you will consider using the EL method.
June 06, 2023

For information on Wakiga and Susowakiga

Reading Time: <1 minute
Understand everything about armpit bloat, sweaty bloat, sweat gait, and hyperhidrosis! I will explain everything on tiktok.It is safe and reliably treatable.Please feel free to contact us.
June 01, 2022

Scars after armpit treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteThere are many consultations about scars after armpit treatment.Even if the incision after surgery is small, the scars left by the removal of the skin often become ugly due to ugly scars, lumps, and clogged keratin plugs due to enlarged pores.Currently, armpit ga treatment is highly promoted as a treatment that does not involve the use of a scalpel and does not require downtime, and the trend is for nurses to perform the treatment.When observing the affected area after long-term treatment, there are many cases where scarring, atheroma, or keratotic plugs appear as visible marks.This condition cannot be improved except by surgical treatment.Scars after underarm surgery and scars after underarm treatment without the use of a scalpel can be significantly improved by cosmetic surgery and skin regeneration medicine using fractional laser.I would appreciate it if you could consult with me without giving up. For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.

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