June 24, 2021

Mole removal Care based on wound healing theory

Reading Time: <1 minuteCare after mole removal is more important than the mole removal procedure.The wound will begin to heal immediately after the mole is removed.If proper care is not taken at this time, not only will healing be delayed, but scarring will likely remain.Care is required immediately after treatment, that is, immediately after mole removal.Specifically, never disinfect the wound.Do not let dry.Never apply cream-based ointments.is.Many patients receive mole removal at our clinic, but we always provide detailed explanations of the care to be taken after mole removal and carefully instruct patients to perform the procedure themselves.Wounds after mole removal are treated in the same manner as abrasions and burns.Disinfection is not only completely pointless, but also prolongs healing.Disinfection destroys the cells that promote healing.Disinfecting can also make you more susceptible to infection.At our hospital, after removing a mole, we always apply a medical wound dressing to protect the scar, and at the same time, we use moist therapy to keep the wound wet.This promotes granulation and epithelial formation.This leads to mole scars becoming less noticeable.Removing a mole means creating skin that lacks epithelium.If you protect this area and encourage epithelial formation as soon as possible, there will be no risk of infection, normal healing will be promoted, and scars will be less likely to remain.When removing a mole with a carbon dioxide laser, it is assumed that a burn has occurred and care is required after the mole is removed.The thermal energy of the carbon dioxide laser evaporates the mole tissue, but it also causes thermal damage to normal skin, causing burns.For this reason, wounds after mole removal heal more slowly than simple abrasions. You can leave the medical dressing on for XNUMX days. After XNUMX days have passed, you will be asked to remove the dressing yourself and wash the wound with tap water or a shower.Bacteria that can cause infection, such as grime and sweat, are also washed away.After that, you can apply a medical wound dressing or a commercially available wound power pad for another XNUMX days to complete healing. https://www.sakae-clinic.com/wound/p01.html?_ga=2.16767669.22389379.1637503973-1223386255.1510898913 Epithelialization on the face, which has good blood flow, can be completed after a few days of application, but on the body and extremities, especially the legs and back, blood flow is poor and epithelialization often does not occur even for a week, so it is not recommended to use the wound dressing for a long period of time. In order to delay the healing of the wound, even if it is a little sticky, you may dry it and wait for it to heal. Redness will remain for about XNUMX months, so avoid direct exposure to UV rays on the area where the mole was removed.If epithelialization is not completed when exposed to ultraviolet rays, pigmentation may occur.There is no need to take antibiotics unless there is an emergency.

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