June 26, 2021

Stitch removal after prosthesis insertion Overseas cases

Reading Time: <1 minute Yesterday, a patient who had undergone prosthetic implant surgery in Thailand came to have his stitches removed.It has already been XNUMX weeks since the surgery.The incision was sutured with dissolvable sutures.Of course, the threads do not dissolve and remain in the scar... The dissolvable threads are actually removable threads.It takes a long time for it to melt and disappear.The stitches will not dissolve so much that you don't need to remove them immediately.I thought this might be the case because I saw some sagging at the suture site inside my nostril... When I proceeded to remove the stitches, as I had imagined, the skin at the suture site had become necrotic and the wound had opened.There was also some infection and inflammation in the wound, so he was initially given antibiotics, but in many cases when suturing with dissolvable sutures, the sutures do not dissolve and remain, causing inflammation and infection.I cannot deny the possibility that the inflammation would have spread further if the stitches had not been removed...I would never use dissolvable stitches in cosmetic surgery, but I need to clearly communicate to the patient that there are risks before visiting the hospital. It seems that only the merits of not having to remove stitches or stitches are being emphasized.For cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact Kanoha Sakae Clinic.

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