June 28, 2024

Hype of underarm treatment

Reading Time: <1 minute (* The photo is for illustration purposes only.) As the temperature rises, we are receiving more inquiries from patients suffering from armpit irritation and hyperhidrosis. Isn't miraDry the treatment that is currently being advertised and promoted the most? This MiraDry hype and trouble are noticeable. Sakae Clinic's underarm bloat/hyperhidrosis treatment "EL method" (sakae-clinic.net) Approximately half of the new patients at our clinic are patients who had poor response, recurrence, or no response after miraDry surgery. Consultation for re-treatment. You can immediately lead a pain-free daily life without using a scalpel... Attractive keywords are lined up in MiraDry advertisements. However, the reality is that it is not possible to expect a complete recovery with just one treatment, which is extremely painless. In particular, there is the fact that MiraDry, which is administered by nurses, has little effect or frequently causes burns. Underarm odor is a disease called armpit odor syndrome, and doctors should be in charge of the treatment directly, but currently the treatment is left to nurses. As a result, there are a large number of patients who have had severe burns and scars that have no effect at all. What we can say is that there is absolutely no way that legitimate medical effects or safety can be expected from treatments performed by nurses. The same doctor who is in charge of the treatment from start to finish should provide explanations, treatment, guarantee efficacy, and ensure safety. I have received many consultations from patients at my local doctor's office who have had no effect on the treatment given by nurses, and I feel very sorry for him because this is a commercial-oriented treatment that is far from medical care. In aesthetic medicine, there are many medical institutions, managers, and doctors who prioritize profit over patient satisfaction and safe medical practices. In less than six months, she became the director of a major cosmetic surgery clinic...There is no way that a doctor with no experience in cosmetic medicine could even instruct her to treat her armpits. Is anesthesia before armpit treatment a problem? I think there is a possibility that this is happening. At our hospital, we never recommend high-interest medical loans, pushy up-sales, or same-day treatments. There is no need for nurses to even draw blood; I, as the director who is a specialist, am responsible for all counseling, examination, treatment, care, etc. When it comes to underarm pain treatment, she is superior to MiraDry in all aspects, including cost, safety, downtime, pain, and effectiveness.We hope you will consider using the EL method.
June 05, 2021

Dark side of armpit treatment Pitfalls of microneedling treatment

Reading Time: <1 minute There has been a major change in the treatment of armpit bugs to one that does not use a scalpel.What is the reality of armpit pain treatment that can be done easily and with no downtime?Unlike surgery, it is an easy procedure, so there are many cosmetic surgery clinics where nurses are in charge of armpit pain treatment.I keep seeing advertisements that emphasize the benefits of next-generation, pain-free, pain-free armpit pain treatments that require no scalpel or downtime.This manga summarizes the possible risks and complications of her non-scalpel-based armpit pain treatment using microneedles.If you are a patient who would like to receive treatment for underarm pain, please take a look and carefully consider treatment options.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, petit plastic surgery, armpit pain treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, or diet in Nagoya, please contact her Sakae Clinic.
June 04, 2021

Supervision of the Darkness of Cosmetic Surgery series

Reading Time: <1 minuteCosmetic surgery has become a familiar medical field.Cosmetic surgeryIt has been more than XNUMX years since I started working as a cosmetic surgeon, but many cosmetic surgery clinics have opened, and there are more problems and cosmetic surgery procedures than ever before. There are many people who are suffering from complications and after-effects due to this.In order to avoid that risk as much as possible, he asked a friend to create an easy-to-understand manga for him.Armpit surgery is now less common than before, but armpit surgery used to be one of the surgeries that had the most complications.For those who are considering treatment for their armpits, I have created a comic to explain the risks of surgery in an easy-to-understand manner. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, small plastic surgery, armpit treatment, or diet in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.
June 25, 2021

Supervision of portal site for armpit pain treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteWe are supervising a portal site that contains all kinds of information regarding armpit gas and hyperhidrosis.https://wakiga.media/ How armpit bloat works Symptoms of armpit bloat Inspection of armpit bloat Hereditary armpit bloat countermeasures Armpit bloat treatment method Latest knowledge of armpit bloat As a cosmetic surgeon, I have been involved in the clinical treatment of armpit bloat and hyperhidrosis for over XNUMX years.Using her experience and knowledge, she supervises the treatment as a clinician who provides treatment at the forefront of armpit problems.We hope that this information will be helpful to patients who are suffering from armpit bloating or hyperhidrosis and are unsure about choosing a clinic.
June 24, 2021

How to identify chichiga

Reading Time: <1 minute
Chichiga is also called areola wakiga.This is a symptom in which an odor is emitted from the area around the areola where apocrine sweat glands are located.First of all, the possibility of earwax is higher if the earwax is moist.If the earwax isn't moist, it probably isn't chichiga.There is a strong genetic factor in determining whether your earwax is moist or not, and if your earwax is moist, it can be said that you have a body constitution.Eventually, he can be diagnosed by the characteristic smell of chichiga in his armpits.The diagnostic method is to apply a special coarse gauze to the areola and wait about XNUMX minutes for the smell to be checked by a specialist.Chichiga has a smaller areola area than armpits and sweats less than armpits, so no one is as concerned about wakiga.Many people come to our clinic for treatment after their partner points them out.There are various treatment methods, but his EL method is a method that can permanently obtain a therapeutic effect and leaves no scars and has no downtime. The EL method is a method in which a special insulated needle is inserted into the pores of the areola area, and high-frequency heat destroys the sweat glands that cause odor by causing protein coagulation denaturation.Unlike treatment methods that are often performed by nurses using equipment such as MiraDry and View Hot, advanced techniques are required, but it is an effective treatment method that can be felt immediately after treatment, with no pain or downtime for about XNUMX minutes per side. .There are no restrictions on bathing or sports, and you can receive treatment quickly and easily, so don't worry.https://sakae-clinic.com/skin_care/axillary_odor/suso-wakiga/
June 16, 2021

Areola odor chichiga treatment

Reading Time: <1 minuteWhen consulting for treatment of armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis, there are many patients who are concerned about the smell of the areola area.
Areola armpit (chichiga)
Most patients have armpit odor, but because the area where the odor is emitted is small, it often doesn't bother others or themselves.In reality, the absolute number of treatments is small, and the ratio of patients who receive treatment for armpit pain is less than one-tenth.However, there are many patients who suddenly become concerned about odor due to complaints from their partners or hormonal imbalances and come to our clinic for consultation.In the past, treatment methods for the odor in this area, called chichiga, chichiwakiga, and areola armpitgae, were surgically difficult and rarely practiced, but now there are non-invasive treatments such as miraDry, Beauhot, BOTOX injection, and EL method. The main treatment method is a method that does not use a scalpel.However, the EL method is the only treatment that can be expected to have a permanent effect and can be treated without any downtime.Most of the odor in the areola comes from the skin pores at the edge of the areola, rather than the nipple or areola.This is because the apocrine sweat glands are located in line with the pores, so the downy hair area is also the point where odor is generated.Substances secreted by apocrine sweat glands are broken down by bacteria that live on the skin, resulting in armpit odor.Only the EL method, which can treat this area by selectively suppressing damage to the skin, is the best treatment that can be expected to have a reliable effect and leave no scars.The treatment time is about XNUMX minutes per side, and there is no post-operative pain.It is a safe treatment that allows you to take a bath on the day of the treatment, and there are no restrictions on your daily life.  

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