June 27, 2024

Human Techno Co., Ltd.

Reading Time: <1 minuteLast year, I started my own business, Human Techno Co., Ltd.Human Techno Co., Ltd. (human-techno.jp) is the culmination of my more than 25 years as a researcher, and the human operating system, the autonomic nervous system, is particularly attracting attention from all over the world. We are a corporation that conducts business related to updating the vagus nerve, that is, next-generation healthcare business. Microsoft is a personal computer OS Human Techno Co., Ltd. is a human OS aimed at his Microsoft in the healthcare field. The vagus nerve activation business will be useful not only in healthcare, but also in all fields involving humans, including femtech, sports, mental health, eSports, nursing care, and education. If we can activate the vagus nerve, which has a huge impact on not only our physical abilities but also our minds, there are endless business possibilities. Up until now, the importance of the vagus nerve has been little understood and has not received much attention, but a paper published in The Lancet last year found that vagus nerve damage is the main cause of the after-effects of the new coronavirus, and it caused a huge shock and reaction all over the world! The vagus nerve market is attracting a lot of attention! Nowadays, neuromodulation is commonplace in healthcare in countries other than Japan.


Since 2020, the number of papers has increased exponentially, and the vagus nerve stimulation market has become lively. At the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Medicine, of which I serve as a director, vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which is a form of neuromodulation, is attracting attention. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and medicine. We will utilize the experience of cosmetic surgeons and autonomic nervous system researchers to realize healthcare that has social significance. Evidence-based healthcare is a matter of course, but it is essential for next-generation healthcare.      
June 23, 2023

Aftereffects of coronavirus are vagus nerve disorders!

Reading Time: <1 minutehttps://forbesjapan.com/articles/detail/64717 vagus nerveWhen the autonomic nerve is damaged, the symptoms are exactly the same as the aftereffects of the coronavirus. vagus nerveis the most important nervous system in the human body that controls human life activities. When this area is damaged by corona infection, various symptoms will appear. At our hospital, we provide guidance on lung activation, which activates the vagus nerve, and treatments by therapists. It will be the only facility in Japan where you can receive ear care, which is a vagus nerve treatment. You can feel the effect immediately after the treatment headache Stiff shoulder tinnitus dizzy feeling of fatigue Neck movement restriction There are many cases where the condition improves dramatically after treatment, and he uses evidence-based treatments rather than massages. Our therapists are highly skilled in functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and autonomic neurology. Care takes about XNUMX-XNUMX minutes. You will be instantly amazed at its effectiveness.    

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