June 30, 2024

Mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteAt our clinic, the most common consultation we receive from patients is mole and wart removal. This is a standard consultation even in aesthetic medicine. General dermatologists also treat moles and warts, but the treatment and care methods are very different from those at medical institutions specializing in cosmetic dermatology. With cosmetic surgery, it can be removed with almost no scarring. The main treatment is covered by insurance.Consultations at medical institutions include moles → removal of warts → liquid nitrogen therapy as a general rule. Both treatments are standard treatments that have been used since the Showa era. At present, there is little treatment effectiveness or consideration for scars. Moles will definitely disappear with removal, but they will always leave a scar. Depending on the location, it is quite noticeable, and it is often more noticeable than a mole. This is an unavoidable procedure for performing histopathological examination. At the cosmetic dermatology clinic, he knows how to remove scars quickly and neatly so that there are as few scars as possible! is. For this reason, it is often removed using equipment such as carbon dioxide laser or electrolysis. Warts can be significantly improved or even disappear with oral or topical medications. Treatment in the Showa era Liquid nitrogen cannot be expected to have any therapeutic effect on large warts. My personal opinion is that it is a meaningless treatment and should not be performed, and I think it is a relic treatment method from the Showa era left in the Reiwa era. At our hospital, there are many patients who have undergone liquid nitrogen therapy for warts more than 10 times but had no effect at all, but whose warts disappeared after just one treatment. There are topical medications that can be considered a miracle cure, but they are not covered by insurance and the treatment costs are a bit high. However, don't worry, as medical expense deductions are applicable. At our clinic, we use treatment methods that cause the least amount of scarring, depending on the type, condition, and location of the mole, so that there is no burden on the patient. In principle, removal of the body is covered by insurance. Please feel free to contact us.  
June 07, 2024

Removal of moles and warts in the scalp

Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic to have moles and warts removed from their scalp. Because the scalp has good blood flow, the removal wound heals quickly, leaving almost no scars and is an easy area to perform surgery on. As a general rule, removal by excision is not necessary unless malignancy is suspected. In other words, it can be removed cleanly without using a scalpel. You can wash your hair from the day of the treatment. If you do not rub the affected area, washing your hair and cleaning the affected area will be more beneficial for the healing of the scar. The affected area will not become bald. The affected area hardly bleeds even after removal. This is because the hair roots are located deep within the hair, so it is possible to remove moles and warts using treatments that do not damage those areas. Most patients come to our clinic to have their enlarged moles and warts removed, so they can be easily removed. No hospital visit required. Treatment time is approximately 1-3 minutes depending on the size. Local anesthetics are also less painful and you will not feel any pain after the treatment. Immediately after treatment, apply an ointment containing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents to the affected area, and give it to the affected area three times a day for about 4-5 days.The simple treatment of applying the ointment will leave the affected area clean. Become. As anesthesia is also PH adjusted at our hospital, compared to local anesthetic injections performed at general medical institutions.It is extremely painless and can be performed even on small children.is. It can be removed faster, more accurately, and without noticeable scars than carbon dioxide laser.SurgetronWe will remove it using a device called Please feel free to contact us.  
June 05, 2024

Mole removal

Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic requesting mole removal. What moles are easy to remove? Many people think that flat moles are easier to remove, but in most cases raised moles are easier to remove with less noticeable scarring. For flat moles, the pigment may be located deep in the dermis, so it may not be possible to completely remove it in one treatment. Unless excision is performed, we cannot guarantee that the pigment in the mole will disappear. Raised moles can be completely disappeared by ablating the mole tissue itself using the Surgitron high-frequency treatment device, and there is almost no chance of recurrence. The skin above the lips and around the eyelids is prone to movement, so it is not uncommon for the scars to swell up and become hypertrophic scars after surgery. At our clinic, we do not recommend removing moles on the sternum or shoulders, as the scars often become more noticeable. The raised mole on the nose has a cartilage base, making the scar less noticeable and easier to remove. If you would like mole removal or wart removal, please feel free to contact us as all treatments are available. At our hospital, pathological examinations are also available, and in the case of moles on the body, we can diagnose whether they are malignant or benign using a dermascope and, in principle, remove them under insurance coverage. A mole is a benign tumor called a pigmented nevus, and if it is removed, it is assumed that medical expenses can be deducted. Please feel free to contact us.

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