June 29, 2024

Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo Party & Solo Exhibition

Reading Time: 2 minutesMay 26th BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO GALA Party & solo exhibition was held at BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO. The Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo has never exhibited an artist's artwork before, and I had the fortunate opportunity to be the first artist to hold an art exhibition there. As an artist, I am proud to be able to exhibit my work at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo, known as Japan's best hotel, with its elegant, sophisticated interior, beauty, and spectacular views. This time, I have been working on creating a special artwork for a solo exhibition at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo. I am happy to be able to exhibit my work and have it seen by many people. Over 30 years of craftsmanship and experience as a cosmetic surgeon, knowledge of scientists, and precise creative techniques using cutting-edge lasers and cosmetic surgery equipment. Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists. We will further hone our artistic beauty sensibilities and work hard to provide patients with the best beauty care with confidence in our daily medical treatments.
June 02, 2024

Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists

Reading Time: <1 minuteIt's been almost 10 years since I started my career as an artist in earnest. As the world's only scientist and artist who is also a cosmetic surgeon, I create art using cutting-edge technology, 35 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, and craftsmanship. We explore and create the ultimate beauty using cosmetic medical lasers, surgical equipment used in cosmetic surgery, and other tools for creating art. Both cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are required to have excellent taste in this field of medicine. For it to be called beauty, it requires not only an understanding of beauty, but also the knowledge, experience, and medical technology to achieve it. Cosmetic surgeons are artists. Cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists change the color and shape of the skin by applying various drugs and physical stimuli to the skin, including hyaluronic acid, Botox, lasers, high frequencies, and ultrasound. Cosmetic surgery is a medical treatment that brings about visual beauty through changes in color and shape. The same goes for art. Artists use various art materials to create works by changing colors and shapes. Fortunately, as a scientist, cosmetic surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist, I am well versed in laser technology and the properties of light. We have been providing treatment for many years using various lasers and treatment equipment that utilizes cutting-edge technology. That experience and technology can be applied to next-generation art. In the art world where originality is valued, I would like to continue creating works until my works are appreciated around the world. My works are displayed in a gallery style at the Sakae Clinic, so please take a look when you visit.  
June 26, 2024

It was adopted as a flyer and poster by the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine.

Reading Time: <1 minuteMy artwork was selected as the pamphlet and poster design for the 1st Annual General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine. I have received offers from other academic societies, and I am very honored. As the only cosmetic surgeon artist in Japan, I am happy to receive recognition from my peers. It seems that the aesthetic medicine clinic's goal of ``an image of radiant beauty coming from within, an image of fusion with cutting-edge technology'' is a perfect match.
June 08, 2024

Q Art production with switch YAG laser

Reading Time: <1 minute Currently, I am working as an artist Nobu Suetake while practicing as a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist.
After the treatment, it's time to transform from a cosmetic surgeon to an artist. The clinic has also become her atelier and studio, where she creates her artwork. I am confident that I am familiar with the characteristics, effectiveness, and logic of lasers and am able to use them effectively, so I am able to turn black into white by irradiating objects other than the human face with the laser. When creating space-themed artwork, she creates stars of various sizes using a laser. As the only artist in the world who creates art using cosmetic medical lasers, the art created using high-tech technology will allow you to experience the ultimate beauty that no one has ever seen before.
June 30, 2023

Cleaning the clinic

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Today was the last clinic cleaning of the year.
The clinic is decorated like a museum with many artworks.
Among these works is one that received high acclaim at a solo exhibition by the Imperial Family Gohanakou-in Temple Sennyu-ji Temple, which is displayed in the lounge of the clinic.
An international buyer who has been looking at all kinds of art for many years told me that this was the best skull piece he had ever seen, and he was impressed. I received a high evaluation.
Just hearing those words made it meaningful for me as an artist to hold a solo exhibition.
June 26, 2023

Report on Solo Exhibition at Imperial Family Gohanakouin Sennyuji Temple

Reading Time: 2 minutes"Moonlight Praise ~The moon shining in the moon ring tomb and the brilliance of the universe~” We co-sponsored the HIROTO RAKUSHO Exhibition. In 1218, when Tsukiwa Daishi built a large temple in the style of the Sung Dynasty, the water flowed out from one corner of the temple, so the name was changed to the "Mizuyakata" in the grounds of Sennyu-ji Temple. As the name suggests, water continues to gush out even today. At Sennyu-ji Temple, people meditate by placing a hanging scroll called the Tsukirin Honzon with a circle representing the full moon drawn on it. This hanging scroll allows you to see the moon ring at eye level when you sit on it. The moon ring view involves seeing the full moon (moon ring) in one's mind and ultimately feeling that the self and the universe are one. In this exhibition, the view of the lunar ring seen by facing Hiroto Rakusho's works of the moon and space will have an impact on your life and give you hope for the future. As a co-sponsorI am Nobu Suetake, a cosmetic surgeon and medical doctor. https://nobu-suetake.com/main/ Science art "Space, Mandala, Humanity" created using cutting-edge technology and the craftsmanship of a cosmetic surgeon., we held a special exhibition called ``Circle of Life'' by KYOTO Leather, which brands Kyoto's traditional crafts using a new canvas called leather.   “Moonlight Praise ~The Moon and the Sparkle of Space Shining in the Moon Ring Mausoleum~”       Co-host: [Space/Mandala/Humanity] Held from November XNUMXth to XNUMXth    Mr. Hirotoraksho expressed the noble beauty of the moon and Nobu Suetake's own work, which centered around the shining stars in the universe, as well as galaxies, nebulae, and planets. He also created mandalas using all the materials created by humanity, the earth, and the universe as art materials. The skeleton that best represents the traces of humanity, the cyborg that represents the evolution of humanity. Everything is connected to the universe at a temple with deep ties to the imperial family, so that humanity can evolve... Thank you to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to come and see us. We have prepared the perfect stage for you at the time when Kyoto is at its most colorful as the autumn leaves deepen. The elders of Sennyu-ji Temple, the chief priest, everyone involved, and myself. Thank you to Ginza Higankaku and Hot Album Soda Tablet Co., Ltd. for their sponsorship and support. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Kankyo Giken Co., Ltd., KYOTOLeather, Gold Art Kyoto Co., Ltd., and everyone else involved.     Auspicious day in December XNUMX ​ Nobu Suetake (Nobuhiro Suetake)  
June 19, 2023

Creating the world's most advanced next-generation art

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Creating the world's most cutting-edge next-generation art
Department of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University
We will create this in collaboration with Professor Toshiyuki Amano. This is the only groundbreaking technology in the world that uses spatial augmented reality technology to make a statement in art.
Japanese traditional crafts✖️As a cutting-edge engineering technology, Professor Hiro Rakusho created a collaborative work with Professor Toshiyuki Amano, which shocked the art world.
[Live Art Mapping] is the world's only technology developed by Professor Toshiyuki Amano, which breathes life into artwork by freely changing its color, texture, and three-dimensionality using laser mapping.
Yesterday, we visited the clinic and saw the creation of art works using cutting-edge lasers, and we officially named this world's only cutting-edge technology MTG, the next generation of art creation. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our work receives worldwide recognition as next-generation art.
A cosmetic surgeon and a doctor of engineering use technology to create next-generation art.
Thank you for your support.
June 18, 2023

Nagoya Matsuzakaya Fine Art Exhibition

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From November 11th to 24th, I co-hosted a solo exhibition at the Imperial Family Gohanakouin Temple, Sennyuji Temple. World-renowned gold leaf artist Hiroto Rakusho is exhibiting at the Nagoya Matsuzakaya Fine Art Exhibition.Rakusho-sensei is her classmate.
I would be honored if I had the opportunity to share my art with you around the world.

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