June 09, 2024

Stem cell culture supernatant liquid and exosome drip are doped

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Exosome dripping and stem cell culture supernatant dripping are doping activities.
If you are an athlete, please do not take this!
If a drug is administered intravenously for the purpose of improving performance, it is considered doping, and if it exceeds 100 cc, it is considered doping if it is administered in an emergency situation or at a hospital with beds for purposes other than treatment, regardless of the ingredients.
Furthermore, intravenous administration of growth factors is not permitted even if the volume is less than 100cc. In particular, stem cell culture supernatant liquid and exosome drip are not standardized, and the ingredients, concentration, content, and manufacturing methods vary depending on the vendor.
In other words, ingredients whose contents are completely unknown are administered intravenously.
There are no preparations that have been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as reagents.
This was an experimental administration and was nothing short of an act of doping.
Some beauty clinics recommend exosome drips and stem cell culture supernatant drips using athletes as advertising posters, but the administration of reagents is unapproved, the ingredients are unknown, and there is no evidence.(I.e.
Administration of various growth factors is also not permitted.
It is unfortunate that a beauty clinic unrelated to sports medicine is conducting such an outrageous act of injecting exosomes into athletes for commercial and promotional purposes.
I would like all athletes to be fully aware of this information.
If you are a doctor who currently administers exosome infusions or stem cell culture supernatant fluid administration to athletes and have complaints about my article above, please contact me.contact@sakae-clinic.com
Please let us know.
If you can provide us with evidence, we will modify or delete this blog post.
Exosome infusion is an experimental treatment, and there is no evidence of its effectiveness or safety, and its ingredients have not even been examined by the manufacturer.
Athletes, please take note.
June 25, 2024

Is exosome drip illegal?

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The other day, the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine commemorative lecture was given by Dr. Ryuichi Morishita.
At current beauty clinics, intravenous administration of reagents such as exosomes and stem cell culture supernatant liquid is out of the question. A talk with.
It seems that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will also take serious measures to regulate the situation.
Exosome drip, a reagent for athletes, is a must. This is an anti-medical act that should never be done.
It can be considered doping and should not be recommended.
No safety, efficacy, or evidence for athletes has been confirmed. This year, the Olympic year, we also receive questions from athletes.(I.e.I'm telling you.
Some beauty clinics recommend that it is not doping because it is not included in the doping drug list, or use the athlete's name in a press release, but athletes should definitely use exosome infusion. Please don't accept it.
It is clear that this is not the treatment that should be used at this time as it may cause problems in the future.
The Society of Cosmetic Medicine would like to share information about such incorrect medical practices.
June 25, 2021

Get a medal at the Tokyo Olympics!

Reading Time: 2 minutesToday at Chukyo University OB, Tokyo Olympic Swimming Japan Representative Takeshi Kawamotohttps://global.toyota/jp/company/trajectory-of-toyota/sports/mobility-for-all/athlete/takeshi_kawamoto.htmlPlayers and Akira Namba https://www.jiji.com/jc/tokyo2020?s=profile&id=competition-og2020_person-nanba-akira-0001&a=olySWMI was blessed with the opportunity to instruct athletes on their lung and thoracic training.This was an introduction from Shinji Aoto, director of the Chukyo University track and field team.After Kawabata, a member of Japan's national track and field team, dramatically improved his performance, he was asked to instruct Chukyo University alumnus and member of Japan's national swimming team.In particular, the individual butterfly event and freestyle relay are strong events in which Japan can aim for medals. Yuichiro Sasaki Former JOC Swimming National Coach https://www.joc.or.jp/sp/games/olympic/riodejaneiro/sports/swimming/team/sasakiyuichiro.htmlI was able to attend the meeting with you at your request.Coach Sasaki is well known to everyone involved in competitive swimming, and the competitive swimming team was very active. She also served as the national coach at the Rio Olympics.First of all XNUMX: Autonomic nerve function measurement (BIOCOM HRV heart rhythm SCANNER analysis system) 390: Lung function / respiratory function measurement (Electronic diagnostic spirometer Spiroshift SP-XNUMXRhino) We conducted an inspection.As expected from an Olympian...it was a great result.Both of them had parasympathetic nervous system predominance and high TP, which is the perfect data for top athletes.His spirometer results, lung capacity, and other data are exactly that of a top athlete.Today, we will further improve this function by learning how to move the ribcage smoothly, how to use the body, and how to condition and train to increase the maximum oxygen intake during breath breaks, which is the biggest advantage of swimming. I provided detailed explanations and guidance.Top athletes have sensitive bodies.The results seemed to be felt immediately.Coach Sasaki was also pleased and agreed.All instruction is based on functional anatomy and exercise physiology, and since it is competitive swimming, the results can be quantitatively evaluated in the form of time. The trainer doesn't need charisma. Together with my co-researcher and superior, Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine, I have provided autonomic nervous training and breathing techniques guidance to many top athletes.The culmination of his work was published by Ascom last month.https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4776211238?pf_rd_r=8V5NBQE3QTHSF7NDYFDR&pf_rd_p=7626af39-b716-47c8-84eb-9679f177dc53&pd_rd_r=7b2f7389-889d-4ef2-a552-be80b05afd5a&pd_rd_w=TjrUs&pd_rd_wg=KKXhx&ref_=pd_gw_unk Considering the autonomic nervous function and respiratory function, I think that we are the only ones in Japan who provide thoracic training and guidance to top athletes with lung activity. Improvement of autonomic nerve function → Breathing method → ​​Chest training → Lung activity → Immunity improvement It leads toWe believe that true conditioning and training guidance is one that allows for quantitative evaluation based on evidence, functional anatomy, exercise physiology, individual characteristics, and competitive characteristics.Both are top athletes in Japan who have a high chance of winning medals.I sincerely hope that the Tokyo Olympics will be held once the new coronavirus has subsided and we will be able to see them win medals through their efforts.

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