June 07, 2023

What happens immediately after mole removal?

Reading Time: <1 minuteMoles are removed by XNUMX: Excision surgery XNUMX: Electrolysis using a Surgitron XNUMX: Evaporation using a carbon dioxide laser XNUMX: Evaporation using a thulium laser XNUMX: Evaporation using a Nd:YAG laser.The first step is to use a dermascope to diagnose whether or not it is malignant.Next, you will be given anesthesia and choose treatments XNUMX-XNUMX based on the following factors: XNUMX) Location of the mole XNUMX) Size of the mole XNUMX) Type of mole XNUMX) Considering the nature of the mole.If you have the skill to remove accurately and precisely, transpiration using the electrolytic method using Surgitron can be done in a short time, easily, and with little downtime.The case is These are photos just before and after removal with Surgitron.Subsequent care ends with protecting the affected area with a medical wound dressing. After XNUMX months, the redness disappeared and the patient healed without leaving any scars.

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