June 24, 2011

State-of-the-art medical workshop

Reading Time: <1 minute “Leading Regenerative Medicine Seminar & Latest Training Seminar " A workshop will be held. Monday, July 7th 4:17 - 19:19 (social gathering 20:3 - 5:21) Location: Sakae Clinic 2nd floor, Nishiki HOTEI Building, 3000-XNUMX-XNUMX Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya Participation fee: Free Social gathering will be held after the seminar If you wish to participate in the social gathering, the participation fee will be XNUMX yen (meal fee). Participants 5-8 names   Contents: First domestic PRP therapy to athletes (For more information is herehttps://www.sakae-clinic.com/prp/ We provide treatments to Japan's national track and field athletes at the Paralympic Games Sydney, Athens, and Beijing.This technique can be seen in his workshop courtesy of a subject.After that, we will explain the latest knowledge such as core training and stretching.We will hold a social gathering with top athletes to exchange the latest training and sports information.   Sakae Clinic
June 28, 2011

High concentration vitamin C drip

Reading Time: <1 minute We administered a high-concentration vitamin C drip to a patient who came to us through a referral.I was given an intravenous drip to reduce side effects as much as possible before undergoing chemotherapy for a malignant tumor.In the past, my father-in-law personally imported it and used it 10 years ago as an alternative treatment for his lung cancer.Currently, it is used for the purpose of rejuvenation.Recently, the evidence has been established, and it may be evaluated as an excellent treatment method.I hope that anti-cancer treatments with no side effects will become more widespread.For anti-cancer treatment, he received 50 to 100 grams; for anti-aging treatment, he received 12.5 to 25 grams, which took 1 to 3 hours, and caused some vascular pain.Unexpectedly, his risk was Almost none.Click here for more information about high-concentration vitamin C drip https://www.sakae-clinic.com/aging-care/vc/    
June 28, 2011

Care after surgery

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Today, we performed PRP therapy and cosmetic surgery on a patient.Adding surgical procedures can be stressful.However, with current medical care, there is no need for disinfection or gauze, and patients are asked to take a bath the next day and wash the surgical wound with a shower from the third day onwards.Never use disinfectant or gauze on the wound.https://www.sakae-clinic.com/wound/25 years ago after graduating from medical school, when I entered the Department of Surgery at my alma mater, I was taught that for wounds: 5: Disinfect 25: Gauze XNUMX: Sofratulle XNUMX: Dry XNUMX: Limit bathing... ...Currently, the above XNUMX things should not be done as part of wound care. XNUMX years ago, it was a painful experience for patients.A paradigm for surgical treatment.
June 27, 2011

Earrings are OK even in summer

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The number of ear piercing patients decreases in the summer.Is this a superstition that if you get your earrings pierced in the summer, they will become infected?
There is no data that increases the chance of suppuration even if piercing in summer.
Some people think that they sweat and then pus, but sweat and suppuration have nothing to do with it.
Causes of suppuration 1: Have basic diseases such as diabetes XNUMX: The piercing site was disinfected more than necessary, delaying wound healing. XNUMX: The piercing site was not cleaned, causing dirt to build up and become a source of infection. XNUMX: The earring catch was too tightly tightened, causing poor blood flow.
In other words, earrings can be worn even in summer if they are washed without excessive disinfection.
Of course, if you leave it sweat, it is easy to accumulate dirt. If left unattended, it is expected that the possibility of infection will be slightly higher in summer, but in general it is OK even in summer.
I think it ’s easier to enjoy fashion in the summer, so I think more piercing patients can be added…
June 25, 2011

Skin rejuvenation

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Today, we performed PRP therapy on the entire face and neck as a skin rejuvenation treatment. The patient was 65 years old, but he was a fashionable person.The patient came to our clinic after researching PRP therapy, a cutting-edge treatment, in detail on the internet and requesting treatment on the same day. Approximately 3500cc of blood is collected and centrifuged at 7 rpm for 5 minutes to create PRP.Treatment time is about 2 minutes.At this time, we will use the PRP production kit, MYCELLS. After PRP treatment, PhotoRF Refirm treatment, which combines infrared rays and radio frequency, is used.And LED irradiation.After XNUMX months, he can see an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and firmness of his skin. Click here to learn more about PRP therapy https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/prp Click here for more information about MYCELLS http://www.my-cells.net/
June 21, 2011

Laser toning

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Consultations on women's specific spots called melasma are increasing.
Until recently, the only treatments available were oral and topical medications.a few years ago Laser toningTechnology was developed Technology to irradiate YAG laser light flat on the skinNow it is possible to treat melasma. It ’s groundbreaking.Why is this system? Although not very popular, the effect is enormous.It is a treatment with great peeling effect due to transpiration of keratin by YAG laser.
Nowadays, chemical peels, which are very ineffective, are no longer used.The reason for this is that the effects obtained are very small compared to the pain and damage to the skin.I have also been undergoing chemical peels for the past 15 years, but stopped doing so about 5 years ago.At that time, laser equipment was still in its infancy, and chemical peeling had great significance, but as medicine and medical equipment progressed, it became an outdated medical practice.It's similar to the rapid advancement of mobile phones and the disappearance of public telephones.
June 18, 2011

Body piercing surges in summer

Reading Time: <1 minuteBody piercing is increasing rapidly towards summer, the season when navel is exposed.
A few patients visited us today as well.There are many young people.
After administering anesthesia with a special double-walled needle called Surflo, a hole for piercing is created.After pulling out the inner tube, insert and wear the medical body piercing.The treatment time is approximately 2 minutes.The pain is only slight when he is under anesthesia.
Medical earrings are transparent rods
High safety due to long rod
It is fashionable.
You can take a bath right away, and you can also use the pool! !It seems that many people think that it is easy to fester in the summer,
There is no reason.
The piercing suppuration is caused by excessive disinfection, and it is scary that most of the piercing sites are not cleaned when bathing and become dirty and red and accumulate.
Unlike the earlobe, the stomach is not good for blood flow and it is easy to get infected.
So I always take a bath on the day for the patient. Make sure to wash the piercing area well every day with a shower so that no dirt accumulates! I am instructing.
Common sense so far
In the summer when you can't take a disinfectant bath and don't wash, it tends to fester.
Rather, the wound healing theory is new,
It has been reviewed.Piercing is based on the latest wound healing theory.
June 18, 2011


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Body piercing treatment will increase rapidly in summer,
Ear piercing peaks at 3 month.
One of the main reasons for avoiding summer piercing seems to be the superstition that summer suprises when you pierce.
However, piercing in summer does not cause suppuration.
The problem is that if you do not clean the area around the pierce hole enough, the dirt will accumulate and become dirty and infected.
After piercing, you can take a bath and wash your hair.However, it is best to avoid perming or coloring your hair for a few days.
The medical piercing is designed to be able to open the pierced hole beautifully with a pure gold-plated coating and a thick rod.
Piercing with a piercing gun that wears piercings at the moment.
It is a very painless method and there is no bleeding.This is whole care using a special chemical solution.
Disinfection with isodine, machiroon, and hibiten makes it difficult to form pierced holes.
In this hospital, we have created a piercing solution that promotes wound healing mainly based on vitamin sea derivatives and handed it to patients.
Earring pierces in summer. . . I hope this superstition will disappear sooner.
For more information, click here
June 18, 2011

The truth of diet

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It is also before summer that diet consultations will increase.
Is it possible to lose weight easily? Is liposuction really effective? Is it possible to enjoy weight loss by taking medicine? Are diet supplements effective?Dieting is a serious concern for women.Unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve the desired effects by taking supplements alone.We recommend effective training.If you increase your muscle mass, your basal metabolism will also increase!Fat percentage will decrease.
Isometric training
Please put your hands together in front of your chest and push as hard as you can to maintain balance! Do this for 7 seconds, XNUMX sets each in the morning and evening. After 3 months, your pectoral muscles will increase and your bust will also grow to 1 size.Dieting is not about losing weight, it's about reducing fat mass.Diet is one of my research themes, so I can talk about various things such as drugs and training.I will introduce you little by little when I have a consultation!
June 13, 2011

Consultation about wounds and scars

Reading Time: <1 minute Most people do not seem to know where to go for consultation regarding wounds and scars.Surgery?Orthopedic surgery?Plastic surgery?Cosmetic Surgery?Cosmetic dermatology?Dermatology?Unfortunately, there are no medical institutions in Japan that specialize in wounds and scars.Especially for mothers with young children, scars are something they are more concerned about than their children's studies.A small child is prone to accidents and injuries that can quickly cause scarring and scarring.I think some people feel that their children's scars are the responsibility of their parents.There was also a consultation about scars yesterday.There are scars that cannot be repaired even with current medical technology.In addition to surgical treatment, we have used fractional laser and growth factor introduction to treat scars, and we have had good results, but many people know that the most important thing is to properly heal the scar with initial treatment. I would appreciate it if you could give it to me. http://www.topathlete.co.jp/blog/blog01/   I have briefly summarized them in this column.I'm sure it will be helpful to coaches and trainers of athletes, mothers of children, and people working in educational settings. https://www.sakae-clinic.com/wound/   As shown in the photo, there are cases where the wound is stapled at different levels and gauze is applied, causing the gauze to get into the wound.Gauze, disinfection, staples...absolutely no.  

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