Care of the hands

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I went to nail the other day.
This time, I added a favorite ribbon to my favorite “tie-dye pattern”.


Photos to put on the blogchamberI thought that I was shooting. . . .
"It's difficult to show your hands cleanly"wobbly

The nails are short because it interferes with your work, but if you have short nails, your hands will not look beautiful.sign03・ ・ ・ ・ I realize that I must compete with the texture.

Even if you care about the stains and tarmi on your face, there are many people who are not bothered by the stains and tarmi on their hands.
In this hospital,Photo RF, Or hand TarumiFractional laser
And we have many requests for hand care.

A part that is said to unexpectedly take a person's line of sight and represent the person's life.
Even if you care for your face on a daily basis, hand care is often forgotten.

In particular, it is a season with a lot of ultraviolet rays.
How about starting care like your face?