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I would like to express my sincere condolences to the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We wish you all the best as soon as possible.

Today the fourth day of fractional laser irradiation
The condition of your face ...
But I can't wait to get this rough and smooth
The skin will be reborn almost a week later

Fractional laser is a treatment that changes the skin by several percent.
Open infinite numbers of holes in the entire face and introduce a growth factor called growth factor.
The growth factor encourages skin regeneration.
There are also seat packs with plenty of growth factors for home care
Perfect if you pack this pack at night
I slept with this pack packed and wrapped this night
I expect a lot of synergies

Sakae Clinic staff is regularly maintained by the director
Fractional laser is the most popular among staff
I have been irradiating 10 times.
I will completely replace my skin

By the way ... The smooth skin No.1 in the entertainment world seems to be Hanako Yamada (from yahoo wisdom bag best answer)

Certainly the skin quality is too different
No pores