Reading Time: <1 minute The other day, I gave a lecture at the aesthetic medical community. Clinical experience with the latest Q-switched YAG laser and its applications. The content had the meaning of an educational lecture. Currently, our hospital uses the world's most advanced Q YAG laser device to perform skin beautification treatments and age spot treatments. Laser toning and laser peeling are also possible at the same time. Pico laser has been a hot topic lately, but I don't think it's particularly effective for treatments other than tattoos. At our hospital, we have introduced the Repeat Examination Q YAG laser device Pastelle Pro for skin care treatment, with the aim of total skin beauty. Stains, enlarged pores, dullness, fine lines, melasma, tattoos... Nowadays, it seems that many cosmetic surgery clinics have nurses performing laser treatments, but this is a gray area. At our hospital, I, as the director, will be responsible for everything from counseling to examination and treatment. Please feel free to contact us.