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Two big artists visit

Yesterday, Mr. Hibino visited ACOON Hibino, an artist who won the 2015 Japan Record Grand Prix Award and a healing artist of 528. I will send you an artistic 1 day with Ryo Sato, a makeup artist who will be in charge of top celebrity makeup.

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Clinic entrance to art

We are taking care to ensure that the clinic space is comfortable for patients. 528Hz music. Art. I tried to make the entrance art. It might be a little too hot ... Staff recruitment ...

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Autonomic nerve salon 528

Conditioning at the only specialized autonomic nerve salon in Japan. Stimulates 5 senses. Visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile, and olfactory. Receive cell treatment at Sakae Clinic…

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528 music and autonomic nerves

It is certain that music affects the autonomic nerve. The sound of music is composed of frequency, but the influence of the frequency on the living body has been attracting attention recently. Of these, 528Hz is the so-called 528 music. Oneself…

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Only in the world? Autonomic nerve salon

Operates the ultimate salon to prepare autonomic nerves. We supervised the approach to autonomic nerves based on theories with evidence as much as possible, including therapist guidance and company guidance. 528 Unfortunately, I haven't heard about music yet ...

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The potential and danger of 528Hz music

Recently, many people have been asked more about the effects and effectiveness of 528 music on the autonomic nervous system. I'm very worried about 528 music, so I would like to share my opinions on a blog ...

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Mr. ACOON HIBINO 528Hz CD book

ACOON HIBINO 528 CD book. Released by Fusosha. I think the quality is amazing. I am honored to work with ACOON HIBINO, who won the Japan Record Grand Prix Planning Award in 2015.

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528 talks

Interview with ACOON HIBINO at Salon 528. Topic 528. 2015 Japan Record Grand Prix Planning Award Winner Artist ACOON HIBINO talked about the essence of 528. This content is Salo…

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Even at www.salon528.com Primotone 528 http://ameblo.jp/maokobayashi0721/ I wish you a good recovery as early as 1 days. Fight many cancers ...

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Challenge the world as an artist!

Revolutionize the music world! 528 research starts. Executive participation as an artist in the visual field has been decided. http://otobotoke.co.jp/ The ultimate healing work to the world together! With ACOON HIBINO. Nippon Record…