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Pyeongchang Olympic environment

I'm back from the Pyeongchang Olympics.In fact, I felt when I went to Pyeongchang.Frigid cold, strong winds, childish management ... It is the venue for the Olympics, where both the environment and management are questionable.Athletes who succumb to the whims of nature ...

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Silver medal, bronze medal

Speed ​​skating girl 1000m Nao Kodaira's silver medal skating, Miho Takagi's bronze medal skating Sorry for not receiving a gold medal. Kimigayo has been entrusted to the Beijing Olympics.

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In front of the Olympic Stadium

What will happen to this stadium after the Pyeongchang Olympics? It will take a huge amount of management costs. A small population in this remote area. A rare arena and stadium. Less accommodation. Korea is an undeveloped country for winter sports. Facility luck at the Nagano Olympics ...

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At the Vancouver Olympics ...

8 years ago I went to support the Vancouver Olympics Speed ​​skating girl 1000m. Finished with no 40 minutes for Japanese players. I was stunned. It took quite a while to get to the venue. Ticket…

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World record! Amazing evolution

At the Vancouver Olympics 8 years ago, the golden competition suit was cool. Okazaki won the medals without any effort ... Pyeongchang Olympics Silver Medalist Kodaira was also in this season and was in the 1 minute 16 second range. The world record is her own 12 seconds…

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Interpretation of genius artists in Pyeongchang

Mr. Lilesop, who guided the Pyeongchang Olympics this time, coordinated transportation, and interpreted. Thanks to him, watching the Pyeongchang Olympics went smoothly. He speaks native Japanese, English and Korean, and is fluent in Chinese and Spanish. in Japan …

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Gold medal superstar Sean White

I watched the snowboard halfpipe final. This is the 2 watching game after Vancouver. At the Vancouver Olympics, I am in charge of training for the World Championship Gold Medalist and X Game Silver Medalist Ryo Aono…

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Hinomaru will be held at the venue

Last night's short track skating 1000m Men's Qualifying To support the 5000M relay, the Hinomaru flag was raised as usual at the venue. Although it is a minor sports short track, watching games is very thrilling and interesting. I ’m watching…

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I'm here at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

It has been in Pyeongchang since 11 days. The 4 Olympic Games are 5 competitions. It will be a watching game following Athens, Turin, and the Vancouver Olympics, but this time I will be a vice president (instead of a professor, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine), not a leader ...

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The first event was a figure group

Watching a figure for the first time in a long time. It was a very beautiful ice arena. Arrived at the venue 1 hours ago. There are few audiences yet. There are no Korean players in the figure group, and the influence of the venue is that foreign cheering groups and related parties occupy many seats.