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Double eyelid surgery sutures / needles

I have been performing cosmetic surgery for XNUMX years, but I am particular about the equipment used in the surgery.The thread needle for double eyelid burial surgery is generally different from the one-end needle used in surgery, and is called a double-ended needle with needles on both sides of the thread.Cosmetic Surgery …

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View hot treatment doubts

It is publicly reported that sapling is almost completely cured in 1 times. View hot treatment, but for some reason, there are consultations with patients who have relapsed or become invalid after more than 100 view hot treatments per year. It should be completely cured, but why so many patients are in 1.

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Profile beauty with petit shaping

There are many things that I don't know about my profile. The reason is that you rarely see your profile in the mirror. Others are looking at your profile. To make that beauty stand out. Just injecting hyaluronic acid into the nasal root and jaw ...

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Horrible medical practice hidden in cosmetic surgery, 2

~ What causes the cosmetic surgery death? Exploring the actual situation A terrible medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery-There is no medical treatment that has different prices in each clinic than cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. In a cosmetic surgery, a double hemorrhoid surgery is 1…

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Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Troubles (Special Column)

~ Causes of cosmetic surgery deaths? Explore the reality. Awesome medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery! ! ! Emergency column! ! ! The other day, each media reported a fatal accident report at a major cosmetic surgery chain S cosmetic surgery clinic…

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Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology Actual situation of trouble No.20

Aesthetic Surgeon's Capabilities and Care of Surgical Surgical Surgical Surgical Beauty Cosmetic surgeons are not just professionals in cosmetic surgery. The task of how to clean the suture wound that has been made by cosmetic surgery is also essential. So-called last finish ...