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Medical loan

At our hospital, we do not accept electrocoagulation with a loan.The reason is that I don't want to put any financial burden on the patient.It is not a procedure that involves making a loan to the patient.In addition, the electrocoagulation method does not end once ...

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Job offer

Looking for staff at Sakae Clinic Looking for receptionists / counselors, beauticians, and nurses Would you like to help those who shine together?Relax at the cutting-edge beauty care site.You can evolve beautifully ...

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Why does Miradry have severe postoperative pain and swelling?

Consultation on re-treatment is increasing rapidly because it is treated with Miradry and has no recurrence or effect. Most of the patients who were treated with Miradry had severe pain, and the skin of the eyelids swelled up for more than 1 weeks.

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Art is healing

I continue to make art every day between medical treatments, but it is a healing method for me. Recently, I started to remake dirty lithographs and silk screens. Of course, the world's first method? so. He / she revives very beautifully. Little ...

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Former professional boxing world champion Satoshi Iida

Japan Visual Ability Training Association Chairman Former professional boxing world champion Satoru Iida made a comment on Yamanaka vs. Neri the other day. Working together with Chairman Iida as an auditor of the association to spread vision training…

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Pyeongchang Olympics

After the Pyeongchang Olympics, the excitement of Japanese athletes' activities has subsided.Unfortunately, there were few Japanese cheering teams at the venue, and I felt a little lonely.The pension I stayed at (about XNUMXkm away from the main venue ...

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With former F1 racing driver

He was invited to a company in Hokkaido last year together with Shinji Nakano, who has been active as an F1 racing driver and is currently active as a racing driver such as Le Mans. The performances were also published in the local Hokkaido newspaper ...

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Mysterious link

https://わきが対策治療.net/denkigyokohou.html   のアフリエイトサイトで紹介されています、  電気凝固法公式HP のリンクは、 …

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Wanna work with us!

  Sakae Clinic is looking for staff to expand its beauty business.Click here for details →…

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Lexus Lounge is an oasis

Takatake Lexus Lounge is famous as one of the most luxurious lounges in the country. I went for a car wash today because it was closed today. A relaxing time was flowing. Recently I was tired from affiliate damage, so I was healed ...