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I had you experience super lung activity

Talent Miki Shirakawa visited for hydrogen inhalation.We will guide you in lung activity training so that you can inhale hydrogen efficiently ... The point of lung activity is to smooth the movement of the thorax by stretching the thorax.Training your lung confidence is muscle ...

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Cocktail drip & hydrogen

Regular physical care includes hydrogen inhalation and cocktail drip. The effect you can feel is sure. Trying to recover from fatigue and stress care.

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Clinic Spa

Clinic offers cell treatment, an autonomic nerve treatment, as total anti-aging care. Healing time, space and service! Let the therapist provide treatments that approach the autonomic nerves…

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Cell treatment

You can also experience the autonomic nerve therapy cell treatment at Salon528 at the clinic's spa.We are currently campaigning at a special price.Hydrogen inhalation 15 minutes + cell treatment 60 minutes 18000 yen tax & n…

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Hotel Hankyu International Salon Ronda

Cell treatments are becoming increasingly popular in medical institutions, private private gyms, salons, osteopaths and hotel salons. Therapist who received cell treatment training at Salon Ronda at Hotel Hankyu International…

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Hydrogen inhalation

The LHG hydrogen oxygen inhalation system was installed and I was in charge of the conditioning of many athletes. The autonomic nervous function was measured before and after the inhalation because the fatigue recovery effect was considerably felt. Comprehensive autonomic nerves…

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Autonomic nerve care for Miki Shirakawa

Miki Shirakawa "Hydrogen inhalation beauty method! I've been inhaling hydrogen after yoga today. I've been doing it regularly for two years at the Sakae Clinic.Only eyebrows and eyelashes, no sunscreen & ...