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Congratulations on your graduation from Jurina Matsui.

Last night, Jurina Matsui's graduation concert was held at the Gaishi Hall.I have been invited.The venue is more uncle than a young woman (laughs) I am also an uncle ... but about XNUMX%.I don't like idols ...

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Top idol birth festival

17 Sun Invitation to the first SKE theater. I was able to spend precious time. The birthday festival was a great excitement. The dance performance was more than I expected.

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Acoustic 1 day

Try playing your favorite trans-acoustic guitar. YAMAHA's technology is wonderful. Guitar with amp and speakers. Rather, the guitar body looks like a high quality speaker. Recently played with popular songs ...

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Matsui Jurina won 1 position.

Jurina Matsui As promised, she won first place.I've been watching since I challenged the general election, but ... I think it's the result of my efforts in stoic training (not as a fan of otaku).On the day of the general election ...

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AKB World Selection General Election   本日 ナゴヤドームで開催されます AKB世界選抜総選挙に関係者として参加させていただきます。 ご招待いただきましたが自分は関係者 …