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Japan's first BOOK with CD

Currently, based on research at Juntendo University School of Medicine, I created a CD that summarizes the relationship between music and autonomic nerves in 1 books. Scheduled to be released in 2 month. The singing voice of Minnehaha, the world's best commercial queen, who was in charge of producing ...

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Japan's only autonomic nerve artist

September 14th Sunday Night The only autonomic nerve artist in Japan with Ms. Takeharu Oya will perform MTG for the production of music for improving autonomic nervous function. The functions of recent synthesizers have improved dramatically, and all kinds of sound production, including human voices…

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Miss Universe Aichi Tournament

Miss Universe Aichi Tournament will be held this fall. To that end, I will continue to serve as a beauty camp instructor. Beauty & Physical &…

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Major debut artist to staff

Singer / Songwriter Takeharu Oya has been appointed as Best Body Japan Music Producer.…

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Practice your first performance today! The pro is amazing! 生まれて初めて歌う曲。 シンガーソングライター  大矢たけはる君! なかなか凄い!!コード不明でしたが何とか演奏しました・・・