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Reika Kataoka, the best body makeup beauty in Japan

Reika Kataoka wins Best Body Japan! About training to make beautiful muscles. | Best Body Navi http://www.bestbody-navi.com/reikakataoka/ Today, together with Reika-san and performers ...

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Win! !

http://www.lpga.or.jp/ 優勝おめでとうございます。今季 2勝目!!横峯さくら 選手。 これで賞金ランキング 2位まで浮上!! セル・エクササイズをトレーニング、コンディショニングに導入していただいて …

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Sakura Yokohama 1st and 11th month victory and record

Yokohama Sakura, who was instructed in training this spring, won yesterday's Cyber ​​Agent Ladies for the first time in 1 year and 11 months. I hope to win the title of the prize money! http://sankei.jp.msn.com…

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Happy report

Prof. Moriura, a manager of Rikutoku Senior High School, a manager of our track and field club, reports on the 100M championship for Aichi Prefecture newcomers and the 4 × 100M relay championship. At the pinnacle of 200 school weakness! ! Of course, I don't do any stretching at Rikutoku High School Track and Field Club.

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Deep emotion! ! Win! !

A tragedy happened this spring. When taking a mobile phone, our senior managing director and active top racing rider Kogo Akiyoshi fell down during a test run and reported emergency transportation with a doctor helicopter. A close examination at Dokkyo Medical University Femoral neck bone…

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Satoru Terao All-Japan championship overall winner

A good start to the world. Satoru Terao, who aims to win medals at the World Championships before the Torino Olympics, showed the best ability in Japan. I am sure that I will be in Turin this time next year to attend the moment of his medal acquisition.

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Satoru Terao promises to win the Japanese Championship

On the 7th, the Japanese short track representative Satoru Terao visited the clinic. Promise to win the 8th Japan Championship. At the Nagano Olympics, a gold medal is expected, and at the Salt Lake, it was disqualified in the semi-final due to a false judgment right before the medal acquisition. A long-cherished desire at the 4th Olympics ...