Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi
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Lecture by the most famous doctor in Japan! 先端医科学スポーツアカデミーでは、4月は順天堂大学医学部 小林弘幸教授の講演があります。 5月は、最先端のスポーツ医学の現状を副代表理事を務めさせて頂きます私が講 …

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Autonomic nerve spa The ultimate healing spa has been opened.

The ultimate healing spa has been opened to renovate the clinic and prepare the autonomic nerves. Fatigue recovery Insomnia Stress Low back pain Stiff shoulders Constipation Healing Experience that is incomparable to conventional massage and aromatherapy. Hydrogen absorption…

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First broadcast in home medicine! !

Yesterday was in Tokyo. I went to the studio to help with the medical recordings of Takeshi's home, where Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine appeared. 7 month 3 day 3 time special. The theme of this time is autonomic nerves and constipation.

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Autonomic nerves are the key to exercise

Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine, who was a collaborator and boss at 3 time special last night at Takeshi's home medicine, explained constipation and autonomic nerves. My degree thesis on TV! ! It was introduced. Today, we ’re new together in the lab…