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Instruction to top athletes

http://www.topathlete.co.jp/menu07/ 本年度 最終のトップアスリート指導 セミナー&ワークショップ開催しました。 全国から専門医、指導者、有名トップトレーナーが集合。凄いメンバーです。 …

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Cutting-edge medicine into sports

Today, 16 people gathered at Sakae Clinic Seminar Room & Studio to hold a PRP therapy workshop and an athlete seminar. Grampus coach, figure skating coach, commentator for international competitions and all-Japan championship…

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Top athlete seminar & workshop

Sunday, November 20 From 18:00 Kickboxing, Karate, professional boxing, mixed martial arts training, conditioning seminars & workshops held. Intended for champions and leaders of each organization. Wednesday, November 23 1…

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State-of-the-art medical workshop

"Cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine Seminar & Latest Training Seminar" will be held. 7 Month 4 Sunday Monday 17 half-time to 19 time (The social gathering is from 19 time to 20 half-time) Location: Sakae Clinic

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Seminar / Workshop

Yesterday's collagen / hyaluronic acid and cosmetic dermatology clinic seminars were attended by practitioner dermatologists and in-service physicians, and a small workshop was held. In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid injection techniques, this time ...

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Tomorrow and Sunday, allergan will co-sponsored a clinic / dermatology clinic and hyaluronic acid injection seminar / workshop at the clinic clinic in Nagoya. I will give a lecture as a lecturer. ...