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Pit of jaw formation treatment

Most of the patients who come to our hospital with the desire to form wrinkles are thought to be able to form a beautiful chin part just by injecting hyaluronic acid.In fact ... Jaw formation used to be a silicone prosthesis insertion, but nowadays most are hyaluronic acid injections ...

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Even after the hot summer leaves, the consultation of patients suffering from sweat does not decrease. Hyperhidrosis ... It has been reported that one Japanese 10 person suffers from sweat and a little smell. The palm, the forehead, and the most consulted part are the armpits. The easy and recommended treatment is Botox injection…

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Sweat treatment

Recently Nagoya is extremely hot. The number of people who are injected with Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis has increased sharply. Wrinkle removal injection What is a wrinkle removal injection?

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Discounted cosmetic surgery crime

The other day, there was a report that a fatal accident occurred at a major cosmetic surgery clinic, but it seems that a surprising number of accidents are hidden, including underwater accidents.…

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Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association Board of Directors

Last night, the annual Japan Cosmetic Surgery Board meeting was held at the New Otani Hotel in Akasaka. I participated as one of the directors. In this meeting, we discuss mutual aid associations, support for the management of academic societies, and responses to complaints from patients…

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Aesthetic medicine material made in China of fear

There is a Chinese wrinkle remedy called BTXA. The ingredient contains pork collagen (gelatin), so allergic reactions are relatively high. Moreover, a large amount of impurities are mixed into Chinese products due to inadequate production technology ...

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As a cosmetic surgeon

I returned from the International Cosmetic Surgery Society in Melbourne. I had time to contact doctors at famous cosmetic surgery clinics who had no chance to talk about, so I was able to exchange very useful information. A report of 16 deaths from Botox on TV ...

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Cosmetic dermatology

Today, I gave Botox to an acquaintance. Of course, this is a treatment aimed at treating wrinkles. Recently, cosmetic dermatologists have become prosperous like bamboo shoots throughout the country. Regrettably, a doctor who hasn't been trained well will try to see the treatment ...