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Trained body

On the 16 day, I won the Fitness Star Nagoya Tournament at Imaike Gas Hall and won the Kanhani section. At the venue, Mr. Reika Katayama of the Best Body Japan Grand Prix spoke to you. Opportunity to meet after a long time. Most of the winners are Korean ...

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Hallyu Star ’s ultimate physical beauty

Kang Ha Ni was singing the theme song of Brilliant Legacy. http://www.hani-company.com/ Transformed from an artist to a body make-up model.Show tournament that combines music, sports, and entertainment in Japan ...

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Reika Kataoka, the best body makeup beauty in Japan

Reika Kataoka wins Best Body Japan! About training to make beautiful muscles. | Best Body Navi http://www.bestbody-navi.com/reikakataoka/ Today, together with Reika-san and performers ...

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The strongest body is coming! !!Best Body Japan 

I will do my best to judge the tournament. I will serve as a judge with K1MAX world champion Mr. Maoto and Mr. Ken Nakata, the number one physical trainer in Japan. Since there is a ticket on the day, please miss this precious opportunity…

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September 23 Best Body Japan Nagoya Tournament

http://bestbodyjapan.com/ 9月23日 名古屋で開催。 東京大会に続く 申し込みによって セレクトされました ハイレベルな戦い 極限まで鍛え抜いた 男女の肉体を 鑑賞・観戦してみてください。

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Major debut artist to staff

Singer / Songwriter Takeharu Oya has been appointed as Best Body Japan Music Producer. http://bestbodyjapan.com/%e9%81%8b%e5%96%b6%e5%bd%b9%e8…

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Judge of Best Body Japan Japan Tournament

ttp: //bestbodyjapan.com/ Jury / 12 Month 7 Day Best Body Japan Judge will be a judge. I look forward to meeting you at the venue on the day of the tournament. The first in Japan with the coolest body ...

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Best Body Japan

http://bestbodyjapan.com/   セル・エクササイズが、ベストボディジャパンの公認エクササイズとして インストラクター養成をスタートします。 究極の健康美の日本最高峰イベント・コンテスト  …