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Yesterday was a training instruction and care for Dragons athletes. The level of parasympathetic nerves is low. Top athletes should be high, but when I listen to them, the intestinal tract seems to be always in a bad condition.

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Shinjiro Hatakeyama and Ken Nakata Trainer

1 shot at the clinic. I am Shinjiro Hatakeyama's physical trainer Ken Nakata and me as a medical trainer. Mr. Nakata is a world-class top athlete trainer including WBC former world spar flyweight champion Masamori Tokuyama.

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model? I ’m pitcher Fujita.

Tigers looking to the Sino-Japanese game Visited with a model look. A new treatment that combines semiconductor laser irradiation and air energy has been effective. Semiconductor laser irradiation What is a semiconductor laser? Semiconductor laser irradiation ...

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Tigers Taiyo Victory for the first time in 2! !

Resurrected from right elbow surgery! Although it was 2 conceded, it was the first victory in the 2 season. After the match, there was a report about my results and pitching to my mobile phone. Although he was not satisfied with the contents of the pitch, he was relieved that the result was a winning pitcher. A painful resurrection…

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Care for Hanshin Tigers Atsushi Kataoka

Today we took care and guidance for Tigers Atsushi Kataoka who was late due to a malfunction this season. Every year, just before the start of the event, we repeatedly break down and take the opportunity of a great starter. 36-old Kataoka ’s body is well-treated with anti-aging treatment.

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Hanshin Tigers interviewed for the resurrection of the sun pitcher!

Yesterday, I received medical training guidance coverage at the clinic for the resurrection of the sun pitcher that Asahi Broadcasting is pursuing. Recovered from serious injury before entering 1 army rotation this season. I think there are many fans who pray for the miracle revival. Document is Kansai Loca…

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Taiyo and Mr. Matsumura

Final adjustment before opening. The sun pitcher vowed to be active this season at the clinic. Mr. Matsumura of the Sports Care Institute also helped with the instruction to the sun pitcher. The photochemical supporter developed by Mr. Matsumura is also used by Satoru Terao and Koji Murofushi. To the sun pitcher…

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Tigers Shinjiro Hatakeyama first open game home run

Open match with ORIX Hanshin Tigers Kashiyama player, 3 hits, 2 hits. First homer. You can't lose to your rival Spencer. I am 36 years old this year, but I want you to aim for the title. Mr. Hatakeyama looks, personality, physical ability…

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Open Match Defense Rate 2 2 Wins Fujita Taiyo

A meeting and care was held with the pitcher Fujita Taiyo in Nagoya to realize the miracle revival. This season, we set a goal to win the title, not the goal of the first army rotation. Just like last year's dragons pitcher Kennobu Kawakami won the title…