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I give a lecture.

https://www.nhk.or.jp/beautyscience-blog/2018/136/ 先日のBSプレミアム 私も拝見しました。 第2回 AMSA 先端医科学スポーツアカデミーの講演 私の講義の後に 福島県 …

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Summary of past activities.

http://n-suetake.com/   クリニックでは長年 美容外科、美容皮膚科、美容内科診療を行ってきました。 アンチエイジングの医療技術を 国内で初めてスポーツ分野へ導入して 多くのアスリートの皆様 …

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Great top athlete

Satoshi Icho, who attended the send-off party, achieved 3 consecutive victory! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! ! There was a great handicap behind it! As I was clarified in the interview of TBS and asked for a comment,

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Mr. Taku Matsumura

With a supporter made of light energy supply materials, Shinji Aoto and former athlete Takashi Matsumura visited the clinic. YM health supporter “Healing” is an Olympic short track representative from Japan Satoru Terao, Hanshin Tigers…

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Windsurfing Kazuyoshi Nishida visit

Windsurfing Kazuyoshi Nishida visited the other day to report on GARAM ALL JAPAN WAVE CLASSIC '05 and adjust the conditions for the next time.

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Support athletes! !

At the end of last year, a single professional boxer retired. Yoshinobu Nakamura 26 years old. A gem that won the 2nd place in the Japanese flyweight class and the Philippine player who was said to be the world champion. He grew up with the same mother and child as me. But Boxin…

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Satoshi Koga Winston West Full participation decision! !

NASCAR racing driver active in the United States. NTV is currently tracking his trends. In the United States, his success in NASCAR, a popular major sport that is F1 or higher, will attract a lot of attention in the future. He ’s also in the clinic…