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For those who want to open a beauty salon

Please contact us if you want to run a beauty salon! If you want to start your own beauty salon right away, or want to run a beauty salon supervised by a specialist, get the maximum result with a minimum of investment. 1 minute walk from Hisaya-odori Station.

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Hair removal at esthetics?

In YHOO News, it is said that hair loss damage continues in the beauty treatment salon. However, it is illegal to use IPL in beauty treatment salons. Naturally, skin burns due to light should be considered as a risk. Even a hair loss in a medical institution is absolutely unavoidable ...

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Risk of esthetic hair loss

http://apital.asahi.com/article/news/2014040800009.html 当院でも警察が 被害に合われた方の写真を持って ご相談に来られたケースがありました。 エステ脱毛で全身に 2 …

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Esthetic hair removal

Troubles at the beauty salon have recently been highlighted. China-made hair removal equipment for esthetics? What! I am surprised at the higher power than a dedicated hair removal machine at a medical institution. Furthermore, the current hair removal equipment for esthetic treatments is a double action that can radiate not only light but also high frequencies. ...

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Inquiries from the police

A telephone call from the responsible police station in the daytime ... A person who suffered a burn from an esthetic salon's hair removal consulted and reported to the police and requested their medical opinion. Hair removal at esthetics was previously recognized as a gray zone, but a recent example, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's opinion is light hair removal etc ...

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Hair loss is a medical institution

Since summer, hair removal treatment has increased rapidly, just like Heso Pierce. When I became a doctor, hair removal was performed by a nurse with a special hair removal needle. Laser hair removal from 15 years ago, especially diode laser has been developed and spread, and pain as strong as conventional hair removal…

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Esthetic issues

La Parleet, a major esthetic salon, operates XUMX stores in Tokyo for 2008 months from 3 month 25 day to 6 month 24 day from 3 year to 17 month XNUMX day in accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and the Tokyo Consumer Life Ordinance. Received an order / recommendation to stop some. The company ...

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Clinic treatment costs

Recently, the opening rush of cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery seems to continue nationwide. Opened as a cosmetic dermatologist with only a little experience in dermatology at a university, or opened a risky cosmetic surgery with experience in 1-2 years at a major cosmetic surgery ...