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Tipness athlete conditioning   この内容は私が20年以上前から 多くのトップアスリートへ指導してきたことです。 しかし、このティップネ …

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Shinjiro Hatakeyama and Ken Nakata Trainer

1 shot at the clinic. I am Shinjiro Hatakeyama's physical trainer Ken Nakata and me as a medical trainer. Mr. Nakata is a world-class top athlete trainer including WBC former world spar flyweight champion Masamori Tokuyama.

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Aiming for WBC World Super Flyweight Title

Former WBC World Super Flyweight Champion Masamori Tokuyama visited today for guidance to the clinic. Provided instruction on improving physical ability to recapture the title. Three years ago, as the second player of Kozo Ishii, the world title match ...

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Coverage of Chubu Keizai Shimbun

Today, Formula Japan Racing Driver Tsugio Matsuda was interviewed at the clinic. In the first round of FN, the result was 10th in the penalty, but in reality it was temporarily up to 4th, so the podium was possible. Matsuda selection…

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Tigers Taiyo Care and guidance!

Hanshin Tigers Taiyo Fujita, who is aiming to recover from serious injury this season, is taking care at the clinic today. Guidance to be active this season! Instructor Shinjiro Hatakeyama in the morning and instructor Taiyo in the afternoon! I ’m a Dragons fan, and I ’ll support the Tigers.