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Nose cosmetic surgery

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Nose cosmetic surgery

The director has more than 30 years experience

It is suitable for those who want to make their eyes bigger, raise their nose, change their nose shape, but who are resistant to surgery and do not want to scalpel their bodies. The treatment is very simpleThe treatment time is also short.

Nose shaping
Treatment time About 2-3 minutes
Going to hospital not required
pain None
Side effects Although rare, internal bleeding can occur.

About treatment

The nose is the center of the face. It seems that many people think about shaping to impress their facial expressions like eyes. It is natural that the balance of the whole face such as height and shape of the nose is important. Both types of nose shaping can be done without leaving any scars, such as putting artificial cartilage into the nose with cosmetic surgery in which hyaluronic acid is injected without using a scalpel.

If you want to raise your nose or change the shape of your nose, but you are not comfortable with surgery and you don't want to put a scalpel on your body, this is a nose shaping suitable for you. Hyaluronic acid was injected into the nose. In just a few minutes you can create a natural and beautiful high nose.

Nasal hyaluronic acid injection
Nasal procedure

Case photo

The nose is straight and neatly cleaned.

Case 1-Before surgery

Cost: 1 yen (50,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Nose-before surgery
Nose-after surgery

Cost: 1 yen (50,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Nose-before surgery
Nose-after surgery

Cost: 1 yen (50,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Case 2-Before surgery
Case 2-After surgery

By passing through the nose muscles, the nose is now taller and more visible.

Cost: 1 yen (50,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Cost: 1 yen (50,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.


Hyaluronic acid injection50,000 Yen(55,000 yen) * Depends on the number of times.

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Risk, side effects, complications

When injecting hyaluronic acid, internal bleeding with a needle may appear, but it disappears within one week. Temporary redness due to cooling and compression. A temporary swelling of the tissue due to the injection may occur. It can be covered with makeup from the day of the treatment and is hardly noticeable.

I do not feel any postoperative pain. Hyaluronic acid contains a local anesthetic, so there is almost no pain at the time of injection and only needle piercing pain.

Even if hyaluronic acid is injected in excess, it can be restored to its original state by hyaluronidase, a drug that degrades hyaluronic acid.


Although there are individual differences, there is no pain because it is done with a thin needle while cooling.

Although there is no redness or swelling, internal bleeding may occur in rare cases.
As you can apply makeup from the day, you can hide even if you have internal bleeding.

The treatment itself is about 1 to 2, but it will be about 5 in total because it will be compressed to prevent internal bleeding.

Can be treated with makeup.

You can feel the effect from the day of treatment. Although there are individual differences, the effect lasts for about six months to one year.

By hitting hyalonidase, it is possible to return to the state before treatment.

Introduction of the clinic

In-hospital introduction

In-hospital photo

Sakae Clinic Photo

Medical doctor

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1st Department of Surgery, Gifu University Hospital, 1987
  • 1991 Instructed young doctors at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide, chief doctor
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

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