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Small face (Ella)

Monitor wanted !!

You can receive treatment at a monitor price on the condition that you can take pictures before and after the surgery, video shooting during the surgery, and cooperation on the website.

What is Ella

Ela may be stretched in the skeleton,Mostly due to muscle stiffness.There is a muscle that is greatly related to Ella, the masseter muscle, which is a muscle that has been used by moving its mouth since birth.

Treatment time About 5 minutes
Going to hospital not required
pain None
Side effects Although rare, internal bleeding can occur.

Effect of Ella treatment

Effective from about 1 months later

It takes a long time for muscles to shrink and shrink. It takes more than a month for the effects to be realized.

There is no problem in function.
Even if the masseter completely atrophies, the temporal muscles work, so the mouth doesn't get stuck and things don't bite.

The effect is long lasting.
The duration of the injection is about six months, but the effect is long-term due to muscle contraction.
If the effectiveness becomes weaker, you may want to add a second time. You can reduce the amount of the second time from the first time.

Case photo

Before treatment

Before Ella's treatment

After treatment

After Ella's treatment

Cost: 1 yen (80,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Before treatment

Before small face treatment

After treatment

After small face treatment

Cost: 1 yen (80,000 yen) once
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.


Small face (one side)40,000 Yen(44,000 yen) * Depends on the number of times.

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Risk, side effects, complications

Due to the injection, internal bleeding occurs when the needle hits the capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue.
The risk of internal bleeding can be reduced by using a very fine needle to prevent internal bleeding and squeezing immediately after injection while cooling.

When internal bleeding occurs, it disappears in about one week, so if you cover it with a concealer etc., there is no apparent problem.

The amount used to treat gills is unlikely to affect the entire body, but people who are pregnant or who are treating muscular atrophy or malignancy are not eligible for treatment.
Basically, the therapeutic effect disappears within six months, so there are no long-term complications.


Put your hands on both cheeks and bite the back teeth firmly. If you can see the muscles move, the masseter muscle has developed, so it is a treatment application.

Injection into the masseters on both cheeks paralyzes the masseter. Since the paralyzed muscles do not move, they gradually atrophy and become weaker and thinner.
Gradually, the greasy face improves, and the larger face looks smaller.

It takes a very long time to be effective, and it takes more than a month to realize it.
The duration of the injection is about six months, but the effect is long lasting due to muscle atrophy.
If the effectiveness becomes weaker, you should hit the second time.

Treatment time is 2-3 minutes.

There is little worry about swelling and redness. It does not affect your daily life, but hard things may be difficult to chew for a while.

As we will cool with a device that can cool down to minus 20 degrees so that pain is not felt as much as possible, almost no pain is felt. In addition, since it is injected with a thin needle of 30 gauge, pain is considerably reduced.

People who are stretched may actually have muscles, not bones.
Please come to the counseling and consult with the director.

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