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You can receive treatment at a monitor price on the condition that you can take pictures before and after the surgery, video shooting during the surgery, and cooperation on the website.

What is Gummy Smile

No downtime,
Easy to treat.

Gummy smile is a state where gums appear when you laugh.

Gummy Smile can be easily improved by treatment with botox injection, which is treated without a scalpel. Botox has the effect of weakening muscle movement and has the effect of gradually atrophying muscles. Use this function of Botox to treat Gummy Smile.

In order to prevent the upper lip that causes Gummy Smile from rising too much, Botox is injected into the levator ani group and treated.

Treatment timeAbout 2-3 minutes
Going to hospitalnot required
Side effectsAlthough rare, internal bleeding can occur.

Case photo

Before treatment

Before Gummy Smile

After treatment


Gummy smile improvement80,000 yen(Tax not included)

Risk, side effects, complications

Because of the injection of Botox, internal hemorrhage starts when it hits the capillary of the subcutaneous tissue with a needle. The risk of internal hemorrhage can be greatly reduced by using an ultra-fine needle to prevent internal bleeding and pressing immediately after injection while cooling strongly.

In the unlikely event that internal bleeding occurs, it will disappear in about 1 weeks, so if you can cover it with a concealer, there will be no problem in appearance.
If you do not inject the right amount at the right place, if the effect is significant, the balance of the muscles as a whole will be lost, and wrinkles may appear in the parts that did not appear before.


Although there are individual differences, there is no pain because it is performed while cooling with a thin needle.

Although there is no redness or swelling, internal bleeding may occur in rare cases.
Since you can make up from the day, you can hide it even if internal bleeding occurs.

The treatment itself is about 1 to 2, but it will be about 5 in total because it will be compressed to prevent internal bleeding.

Can be treated with makeup.

You can feel the effect from 2,3 days to 1 weeks. Although there are individual differences, the effect will last for about half a year.

The effect is about half a year, so you should hit it when you start returning.

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